Dominion Representative for Fulton County Was Kamala Harris’ Presidential Campaign Photographer


Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign photographer, Aric Thompson, served as a Dominion Voting Systems (Dominion) technician representative in Fulton County. The photographer described Harris as his “long time client” – over four years, according to him. In a similar Facebook post, Thompson also mentioned that he was working with Democratic activist Stacey Abrams.

“Now that I’m home, contracts have been signed and I’ve been vetted by security, I can spill the beans on my big shoot! I’ll be the official photographer for Senator Kamala Harris who is running for President in 2020! I’ve been her Atl [sic] photographer for a while now so it was a great surprise when I got the call to shoot for her during her fundraising events on Sunday! Added Bonus I forgot to mention! I leave from shooting for Kamala and head to shoot an event with Stacey Abrams…! Blessed!”

Thompson was introduced as a Dominion on-site technician near the beginning of this year. He served as an elections systems representative throughout the primaries and the general election tabulations.

His photography Facebook page confirmed that he was a representative for the Dominion tabulation machines during the vote counting.

Additionally, Thompson confirmed that he assisted with the recount and is preparing to assist in the runoff election.

Dominion has been the primary focus for attorney Sidney Powell’s series of lawsuits alleging mass voter fraud. Powell alleged that Dominion used a software lineage that was created for the sole purpose of rigging Venezuelan elections in favor of dictator Hugo Chavez.

All of Georgia’s counties used Dominion’s machines – part of a “statewide voting system rollout.” Notably, the state of Texas rejected Dominion for use as their voting systems, citing security concerns.

Following Election Day, multiple reports of glitches and delays within Dominion’s systems surfaced. As reported previously, Fulton County had to re-scan ballots after discovering discrepancies between the number of scanned ballots and votes received. Officials reported that they didn’t know why the information didn’t transfer properly into the system.

During the hand recount, Thompson’s precinct in Floyd County discovered 2,600 uncounted ballots. In Fayette County an additional 2,755 votes were discovered uncounted. A majority of those votes were for President Donald Trump.

Thompson’s last post mentioning the elections occurred November 6th, ahead of the recounts.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Georgia Star News and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].






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12 Thoughts to “Dominion Representative for Fulton County Was Kamala Harris’ Presidential Campaign Photographer”

  1. Joe Dirtbag

    Democrat Voter Fraud- Corruption at the Highest level. From Obama-Spy gate, Barisma,& Biden’s China

  2. Janet Schultz

    You must have misquoted this blessed photographer, who stated Harris was running for President. Slight hiccup there. And then pulling strings in Fulton County is not nice. All will be realized and this dude iust going to find out just how blessed he is.

  3. James McFarland

    This is civil war stuff you guys. They really messed up this time.

  4. Tom

    Talk about not passing the smell test. Government corruption everywhere. We are done.

  5. Scott

    The voting irregularities and election theft are only one aspect to this steal.The major crime that oughta be the deciding factor in tossing the election is Foreign Interference in an American election.The software voting companies along with machines are all owned under a foreign country.This was one of the major reasons President Trump signed Emergency Powers act to combat any possible threats of foreign interference.Why hasn’t this nullified the insane results?

  6. Laurie

    Investigative Journalism! Thank you. Great followup idea for you: Why didn’t we see more of hubby during campaign? Why did he prematurely retire due to her political campaign? Where did he work? What projects and clients did he represent? The answers are shocking from an American citizen standpoint. To put this in perspective, think about the outrage with the Senator Feinstein’s controversy of a likely confidant working as her chauffeur.

  7. Brian Anthony

    Why are you on Facebook for starting to find out that Dominion fraud is our election I’m not proud of you

    1. Brian Anthony

      And if you’re guilty of a crime they should toss you in jail

  8. Farrell

    These counters should be confiscated into evidence. And should be forensicly inspected by qualified inspection analysis.

  9. Sammy Morgan

    What a bunch of crap ! As if this isn’t clearly a conflict of interest. This was all planned by the democrats and now we’re gonna have a civil war because over half of this country is pissed off and I’m one of them.

  10. Henry

    Thank you for true investigation journalism!