Republican National Committeewoman Patti Lyman to GOP Officials: ‘Fight for Trump or We Are Done with You’


Live from Georgia Tuesday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed Republican National Committeewoman for Virginia Patti Lyman to the show.

During the program, Lyman expressed her discontent for the establishment Republicans and urged all to get behind President Trump and the instance of voter fraud. Later in the show, she went on to suggest that there may be some evidence of election tampering in her home state of Virginia.

Fredericks: Joining me now, state committeewoman from Virginia, Republican Patti Lyman. Patti, great to have you with us.

Lyman: Good morning John. Thank you for having me. You sound great today.

Fredericks: Oh thank you, Patti. I tell you what Patti, I’m fired up because and I had Lin Wood on my show yesterday. And look, Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are serious attorneys. These are serious people Patti and both of them are telling me the evidence they have on voter fraud is overwhelming but you can’t get it out in the news. What’s going on Patti?

Lyman: Well they are superb attorneys. I’ve practiced constitutional law myself for quite a number of years and they’re both complete rock stars. They do have the evidence. We’ve seen it. A lot of it’s been published. What I see being built here and this happened starting with the day of the election, the Democrats and I’m sorry to say the establishment Republicans they are building along with the media they are building a Potemkin village. They’re all into the rituals and the titles and the staging and this and that to create this illusion number one that Joe Biden won this.

And secondly to create the illusion that there is no evidence to the contrary when it’s all over the place. I’m really amused when i hear people that you know couldn’t find their way out of a hatbox mocking Sidney Powell and demanding that she has to show more evidence and that she doesn’t have evidence. I mean this is a brilliant brilliant woman with integrity. and I appreciate the fact that you’re highlighting them. You had Lin Wood on for almost an hour yesterday and I listened to the whole thing.

Fredericks: Thank you.

Lyman: I wish that the only people we were fighting were the Democrats and the media. But you mentioned the three stooges in Georgia and I’m sorry to say too many elected Republicans are sitting silent and saying nothing. Every single Republican U.S. senator should be coming out strongly in favor of President Trump fighting for the truth in this election and fighting to protect our votes. Every elected Republican in Virginia should be doing that. Every member of the House should be doing that. And a lot of them are MIA. And I’m going to tell you right now if they’re MIA right now when this president is in this fight for our votes, the voters and donors that they want next year are going to be MIA.

Fredericks: You know Patti that is a message. Now you have a title. You are the state committeewoman from Virginia and part of the Republican RNC. Have you told them what you just told me? Do they understand that if they don’t stand up and fight for this president now and fight for the truth we’re simply not going to be there for them? Do they understand that?

Lyman: I think it’s safe to say that everybody that I’ve talked to any time in our recent history knows exactly where I stand on this. None of them will be surprised. I’m not going to mention any conversations I’ve had with individuals but believe me, I’m having them. Yes, I have a title with the Republican Party. I’m the RNC national committeewoman representing Virginia. There’s a reason I’m doing that. I have not built my life around the Republican Party. I’ve built my life around the things the Republican Party stands for and right now for the most part they’re not standing up as they should. Rudy is.

The president is. Sidney Powell is. A handful of other people. But too few others. And I think it’s time for Republicans that really believe in our creed and really believe in our platform and would actually like to still have a country as of January 20th, I think it’s time for us to challenge our fellow Republicans to take a stand with this president and what he’s doing.

Fredericks: Patti I so agree with what you’re saying. I mean let me just ask you this. If we don’t fight now when? If not us who? I mean what are they waiting for? There’s always some other hill to die on. I mean I was at a round table yesterday and I had a state senator named Steve Gooch from Dahlonega and he said well you know we don’t really need a special session. They don’t want to call it. We can’t do it, three-fifths etcetera. But you know we’re gonna fix all this in the upcoming general assembly and we’re gonna fix all these election laws. Like they’re gonna fight that battle then. It’s over! Biden wins. The two Democrats win Georgia. They’ve already sent out 900,000 absentee ballots. They’ve already mailed them out again. They’re going to do the same thing, Patti.

Lyman: Because nobody apparently wants to stop them. I’ll tell you right now, too many people are laboring under the illusion that if Joe Biden takes office on January 20th that after that we’re still going to have the freedom to fix the things in our country that we need to fix. We are not. We will not after January 20th if Joe Biden is inaugurated. We will not be getting to the bottom of the voter fraud in Virginia.

We won’t be getting to the bottom of the voter fraud anywhere because it’s all going to be shut down. And if we think that we’re annoyed and restricted now by COVID restrictions wait until that happens. We’re going to be on steroids with restrictions blamed on COVID and we’re moving into a new era in this country that I don’t want to think about.

Fredericks: We’re live in Dalton, Georgia day two of our 10-day, 10 city Georgia tour, and with us Patti Lyman. Patti is the state committeewoman for the Republican Party in Virginia. That is a national official with RNC capacity. She carries a lot of influence there and it sounds like she’s had it with this whole thing. Let’s get to Virginia. Now two times both Rudy Giuliani the president’s chief attorney and Sidney Powell have said that there was voter fraud in Virginia. But we lost Virginia by 450,000 votes.

I’m in a difficult position because I was the state chair so I don’t want to run around and say well I really wondered if it was a fraud. but if you take that vote on the surface Patti, I mean they got out almost two point five million people. Our target was two million. We thought if we got two million the state would be very competitive. we got two million and we got trounced. Is Virginia that blue? Can we do anything at all to turn the tide in Virginia?

Lyman: Virginia is not that blue. My campaign slogan all last year was the real Virginia is red. And it is. At this point, we don’t have any evidence that 400,000 additional actual people voted for Joe Biden and voted for Donald Trump in Virginia. We don’t have that evidence. I would like to see a full investigation into that. Otherwise, what’s the point of our elections in 2021 if we can’t figure out what happened in 2020. I refuse to believe that somehow our message was so inferior to Joe Biden’s and that many Virginians had to come out to vote for Joe Biden. I don’t believe it’s true at all.

And it’s tempting for people to say, move along nothing to see here we’ve got to move on to other pastures. But again we’re not going to have the opportunity to move along and keep functioning as free people if we just lay down now and let this kind of fraud go by. We can’t do it. We have to stand up. We have to make noise. We have to take action. I think there might be a couple of House seats that we actually won. You know we’ll see what candidates decide to do or not do. But I want to fight this.

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