All Star Panelist Crom Carmichael Discerns What It Means to Be Pro-American Versus Anti-American



Live from Music Row Wednesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael to the studio to discuss the difference of being pro-American versus anti-American.

Leahy: We are joined now in studio by the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael. Crom, good morning.

Carmichael: Michael, how are you, sir?

Leahy: How was your drive in? Was it cold and slick or just cold?

Carmichael: Cold. Just cold.

Leahy: Fairly safe? No big problems out there?

Carmichael: Are we doing road reports now from Green Hills?

Leahy: We are doing the Crom Carmichael safety report because I am always concerned about your safety.

Carmichael: They have re-topped. They’ve completed the re-topping of Hillsboro Road. So that makes it easy. It makes it much nicer too.

Leahy: So you were listening to our interview with Laurie Cardoza-Moore. She’s pretty brave.

Carmichael: Well she is and you know, I think it was was it Jefferson who said, and I’m going to only paraphrase. And I could probably get closer than Biden would. He said when good people do nothing bad people take over. That’s more or less it. He was a little more eloquent, but that gets the gist of it. And this is a good person and she’s fighting against a bunch of very bad people. She really is. CAIR is a bad organization. They have an agenda.

Leahy: They have an agenda. They have an anti-American agenda in my view.

Carmichael: Yeah. It is. Here’s what’s interesting. in order to say somebody’s anti-American, what must you first define?

Leahy: What pro-American is.

Carmichael: Yes. What is American? You don’t have to be pro-American you just have to be American. Let’s just say pro-American.

Leahy: Same thing. Pro- American or American.

Carmichael: I’m going to go with yours. I think it’s better because you can be one of three things. I suppose. You can be pro-American and not care at all. Or you can be anti-American. And so the question is what is it to be an American?

Leahy: By the way, that is the fundamental question. And Crom, I’m 65 years old. I think since the time I’ve been four years old the most important thing in my life was to be an American.

Carmichael: Okay. Well, I don’t know that all people are as are focused on that as you are.

Leahy: I think you’re probably right.

Carmichael: And I think most people are not. but but but I would describe you as a very pro-American person in the sense that you believe strongly in the Constitution. You believe that the Constitution was flawed when it was written but it had an amendment process. The amendments had made it better in order to form a more perfect union. Blah, blah, blah. and we have done that. We’ve improved that.

Leahy: And I will say that you I have the same view.

Carmichael: Yes. And the Declaration of Independence. Not since I was four though. I probably came into caring more when I was in my 30s.

Leahy: It started with me just to probably more information that you want when I was watching the debate in 1960 with John Fitzgerald Kennedy who was an Irish Catholic like me and Richard Nixon. And you know, of course, I’ve changed my views about Kennedy but not about America since then. (Chuckles)

Carmichael: So you can either be pro-American in which case you are a person that is well-grounded so to speak. Using that term. and I’m going to use that term on the other side too because that doesn’t mean well grounded does not necessarily mean good. But you’re well-grounded in what constitutes the founding of our country The greatness of our country and the uniqueness of our country as a country that’s founded under the notion of God-given rights.

And that’s really the key. That’s what makes us different from every other country in the world, which is what makes us exceptional. We were founded on the notion that God grants individuals rights and no institutions created by man can justly take away those rights. So someone who strongly believes that is pro-American. Somebody who does not like that idea and who wants the state to have the power over the individual and to be able to justify that power would be a person who is well-grounded in anti-Americanism.

They oppose that point of view. The Chinese Communist Party for example does not share that view. They don’t share the view that God gives individuals rights. That’s why they repress religions of all kinds in China. And now the very foundation of our country is under attack.  Let’s look at what’s going on. I saw two stories over the weekend that we’re really interesting. You’ve got this official in Georgia who says that he’s getting death threats now and the people who work with him are getting death threats.

Leahy: You are talking about the voter implementation service manager Gabriel Sterling who aggressively attacked the President in a very unprofessional way, I thought. This Sterling guy, I  have researched the guy. He’s A political hack.

Carmichael: Well, okay what I’m saying is this I’m glad you’ve researched them because all I did was read the story. And so to Gabriel and and and people who agree with him I would simply say this. People have gone overseas and fought and died in wars defending the right to be an American and that means to believe in God-given rights.

It means we should have free and fair elections. In Georgia, they had anything but free and fair elections. They had terrible elections. So I have another story on exactly that point by one of the Democrat Senate candidates in Georgia who is now under investigation for the second time of trying to register out-of-state and…

Leahy: Raphael Warnock.

Carmichael: To come in and vote in Georgia. And Gabriel Sterling does not care about that.

Leahy: No, he doesn’t.

Carmichael: So what’s happening is Gabriel Sterling is now receiving a lot of pressure. You know what I hope he received a lot more. It would not bother me at all if people protested outside of his home. He signed up for the job.

Leahy: Well in the background is this guy’s a political hack.

Carmichael: Let me say this Michael I don’t care if he is a political hack. What I’m saying is he signed up for the job. He had a job to do and he failed to do that job. So now he’s getting pressure from people who wish he had done his job. Who had confidence in him when he took the job that he would his job? And now he’s mad that he’s getting pressure.

Leahy: Exactly.

Carmichael: Too bad. I hope he gets more. I hope he resigns. I hope he moves to Brazil. (Leahy laughs) I don’t want anything bad to happen to him physically. I just want things to happen to him emotionally so that he will and other people like him and if they sign up to make sure that our elections are free and fair that they do their job. Because if they won’t do it Michael you can’t do anything about it. And I can’t do anything about it. The voters in Georgia can’t do anything about it after the fact.

Leahy: Well, you’re exactly right. And by the way, I’ve been documenting this on a whole series at Breitbart about how utterly incompetent the secretary of state is.

Carmichael: Do you think it was incompetence?

Leahy: That’s the kindest beginning but it could have been more.

Carmichael: But you’re what you’re saying is that it’s a certain intellectual laziness.

Leahy: Yes.

Carmichael: That he’s getting pressure secretary of state, so stop me if I’m wrong because you know more about this than I do. The secretary of Ssate was getting pressure from Stacey Abrams with all these lawsuits that she was filing. So so she did he decided that it was in the best interest of Georgia (i.e. the best interest of himself) to get the pressure off of him and to settle with her. And the result is that there were there was a bunch of cheating that went on in Georgia.

Leahy: The consent decree that he signed violated Georgia state law. And he gave away a whole series of irregularities to the Democrats. A big hole they drove a Mack truck through.

Carmichael: And so it’s what you and I are saying is that there and you will continue to find more and more evidence that shows that the elections in Georgia were flawed. You’re going to find more and more evidence to that effect. Will you find the smoking gun? Will you find the videotape of six people in a room saying let’s all throw in here and cheat together? And here’s exactly how we’ll do it? And please smile at the camera when you are providing the proof? The answer is no. But you’re going to find tons and tons of evidence.

Leahy: I might get pretty close to that smoking gun.

Carmichael: Well if you do that’s even better. But the point I’m trying to make is but let’s look at I jokingly said last week Putin won his last election by 80 percent. Did Al Capone ever call for somebody to be murdered and then put out a contract that somebody murdered?

Leahy: Yeah.

Carmichael: Okay. What do we how do we know that? There’s no proof. He was indicted and convicted for income tax evasion.

Leahy: Income tax evasion. As you know in your story the lawyer that gave him up the day he went to prison was assassinated. That’s evidence perhaps not proof.

Carmichael: Well, that’s a great point. That’s a great point. But even still the conviction was on income tax evasion. It wasn’t on racketeering. It wasn’t on bootlegging. It wasn’t on murder. It was not any of those things. Why? Because the government had lots of evidence but not enough proof. And so for voters to feel that their elections are being stolen quite frankly we don’t need proof. we need evidence. And we have plenty of it. And so the Democrats claim that Trump stole the election with the help of Russia. They investigated guess what? After $35 million in a bunch of lawyers…

Leahy: Nothing.

Carmichael: Nothing. Not even evidence.

Leahy: I got plenty of evidence.

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