Three Nashville Women Charged for Hosting Party on Halloween in Violation of COVID-19 Rules


Metro Nashville charged three women for hosting a Halloween party that officials say violated COVID-19 restrictions.

Charged were Madilyn Dennington, Bailey Mills and Olivia Noe, all 23, according to a story by WKRN. They are residents at a house on Boscobel Street that allegedly hosted the party; authorities received complaints for a loud party there.

The women were charged with violating a board of health regulation, a misdemeanor, but were not arrested, WKRN said. Metro issued a summons, and the defendants must appear in court on December 16.

The three residents told police they organized a watch party for a football game, NewsChannel 5 said. When they were told about the alleged health order violation, they ended the party, the station said, citing court documents.

Although the three women were not arrested, others have been, reportedly.

On Halloween, Nashville gatherings were limited to 25 people unless they had health department clearance.

Davidson County is on a Phase Three “Roadmap For Reopening Nashville.” The Metro Nashville Health Department has a button on its homepage asking people to report violations.

Mayor John Cooper tightened the rules to gatherings of no more than eight just before Thanksgiving, The Tennessee Star reported.

Nashville police have arrested 47 people as of mid-November, including 11 accused of hosting large gatherings, The Star reported, citing a story by The Tennessean.

The newspaper said it based its report on its research of court documents and other data. Reportedly, 79 percent were in violation of Metro Health orders by failing to wear a mask in public. Some of the hosts allegedly held house parties of up to 600 people at a time, according to police, which could result in up to a year in jail and a $2,500 fine.

WKRN in August reported that Jeffrey Mathews and Christopher “Shi” Eubank were arrested for alleged violations of emergency health orders of holding an event of more than 25 people, and not requiring the use of masks or social distancing.

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.
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6 Thoughts to “Three Nashville Women Charged for Hosting Party on Halloween in Violation of COVID-19 Rules”

  1. 83ragtop50

    And the daily rash of shootings and murders continue unabated as the police waste time, money and effort on hassling people getting together. Cooper and his health squad need to go.

    Thank you Bill Lee and legislatures for being MIA.

  2. Nathan Sallinger

    For images of proper social distancing practices google search “Mayor Cooper – Nashville Protests” and click on images.

  3. Kevin

    When is a rational State leader going to step up and end this madness? Where is Governor Lee and the State Legislative leaders? There is a rapidly growing body of evidence and list of experts that denounce and debunk the idea that “social distancing” is helping anything. In fact, it’s hurting more than helping!

    For more on this check out the Great Barrington Declaration

  4. Julie

    They had to make an example of some people as a deterrent and to placate the COVID alarmists. I wonder if these three knew they had a COVID Karen next door?

  5. David S. Blackwell RN, BSN

    Unreal. Medical Tyranny must stop. The masks do not work, proven over and over from RCT Studies. Eating right, exercise and staying healthy do work. Covid 19 is but one of the 200 viruses that cause cold / respiratory symptoms. I am utterly blown away at the land of the free and home of the brave not being so. It’s not hard to go back and look at 1950’s ads with doctors recommending Camel Cigarettes. More doctors smoke Camels than any other brand. What a racket.

  6. rick

    Extra chromosome Commie Cooper and his gestapo strike again! The good news Coomie Cooper could not be elected dog catcher ever again. The commie Democratic crook!