PJ Media Founder Roger Simon Talks Georgia and the Senate Runoff


Live from Music Row Monday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed the founder of Pajamas Media and Senior Political Editor for The Epoch Times, Roger Simon to the studio to talk Georgia, its Governor Kemp, and how the Senate runoff will play out.

Leahy: Welcome back to the Tennessee Star Report. We are in the studio with Crom Carmichael the original all-star panelist and Roger Simon. Roger is the Senior Political Editor for The Epoch Times. Roger, you were down in Georgia last week. The governor there yesterday is refusing to call a special session of the legislature that would be designed to change all of the laws that allow for signature verification fraud on the absentee ballots. Also possibly to address the issue of the presidential electors. You were on the ground. What do you think the average conservative Georgian thinks of their governor now?

Simon: They are mighty angry. And I would be very surprised if both the governor and even more the Secretary of State Raffensberger, difficult name, do not get primaried.

Leahy: Yeah, you think they’ll be primaried.

Simon: I think that essentially they’re dead men walking in a certain way. On the other hand, they’re not doing anything. And the reasons they’re not doing anything is very suspicious. I mean, you know that old musical Arabella? Le grisbi is the root of all evil. And le grisbi is the French slang for money. 107 million dollars was spent on the Dominion machines.

Leahy: Approved by the Secretary of State in July 2019.

Simon: Well, both of them were involved. First, it was Governor Kemp who was originally the Secretary of State.

Leahy: Who got the ball rolling on Dominion.

Simon: I talked to this man Garland Favorito.

Leahy: Oh, yeah. We have a story about him at The Georgia Star News.

Simon: Well, it’s worth reading. And the guy is a fantastic person and he’s been an IT tech guy for like 40 or 50 years and he’s been watching everything in this. He knows more than anybody. The fact that 107 million dollars and it’s another 150 million in maintenance…

Leahy: Over the next 10 years.

Simon: Over the next 10 years. But these guys set up a bond for 20 years.

Leahy: They were getting paid by a bond Crom. The maintenance is paid for by a bond for this Dominion software.

Simon: They’re going to be paid for these machines which were vetted in Venezuela.

Carmichael: I know all about the history of them.

Simon: Yes. They’re going to be paying for them for 20 years. It’s like you are still paying for your totaled car.

Leahy: Yeah, exactly.

Carmichael: So they bonded it so that it wouldn’t hit the budget all at one time. But they wrote a check for it. They wrote a check for 107 million.

Leahy: A down payment for 107 million.

Carmichael: Was it a down payment or the whole thing for 107 million?

Leahy: The first payment, then the contract gives them…

Carmichael: Is it a 20-year contract?

Simon: It’s a 20-year bond. What they say is these machines are no good for more than 10 years. So in other words another 10 years that we pay for things they are not even using.

Leahy: A 20-year bond to pay the maintenance of these things for 10 years. Unbelievable. It’s crazy!

Carmichael: The technical foul that you’re talking about. Sidney Powell has talked about how she has affidavits from people who work for Dominion saying that the algorithms, the machines are connected to the internet and so she says that votes actually flipped.

Simon: Yes.

Carmichael: Trump votes actually flipped to Biden. So does that mean that Georgia is stuck with these machines? Or does it mean that the legislature could come in and change it?

Simon: The legislature could come in.  In fact, the legislature is according to the Constitution is in charge of the election. So the legislation can do anything you want. It could just say what we should all have which is written ballots. Most countries in Europe believe it or not, do not allow voting machines because they know they are corrupt or potentially corrupt because everybody knows you can fool around with your computer. You have your Dell you are sitting right in front of you right now and you know a smart character could probably use a cell phone and give you a few surprises.

Carmichael: Kemp, the governor down there almost reminds me a little bit of a governor that we used to have here in Tennessee named Sundquist.

Leahy: Don Sundquist the Republican who became a traitor and voted to try to push a state income tax.

Carmichael: Yeah, but in you know in a kind of an ironic kind of way, he’s the most important Republican in the last 100 years because he outed all the Democrats in Tennessee who were for state income tax because they thought they were going to get one. And so Sundquist not only destroyed his own reputation but he also outed all the Democrats who lost the next election or the next one of the next two elections because now everybody knew that they were in fact in favor of it. But Kemp sounds like somebody who is actually an antagonist to his own party and therefore to the people who elected him.

Simon: Exactly. Look everybody knows he is an interesting character. It may have happened inadvertently. He may have had initially positive instincts, but found himself in this situation now.

Carmichael: Now, he’s embarrassed.

Leahy: And the one thing we know is he won’t do is convene a special session of the legislature to address these problems before the runoff.

Simon: Like he could you know. Everybody talks about it down there and they don’t do it. That’s what primaries are for. And you know where the irony’s of or what’s going on across the country Mike? There may be a ray of positive sunshine in all this and similar to what you described Crom in Tennessee earlier. People are looking at this now and I know I am and wondering how many elections in the past have been fixed in these matters. And I think everybody is going to be starting to wake up to that. And it may be that what will come of this is real elections in this country. This great democracy.

Carmichael: Well, you certainly hope so. But we need to hold the Senate this time. Because I’ve been reading all these things that the Democrats have planned to do which essentially will almost make it impossible to regain the political power necessary to fix the problems.

Leahy: Last question for you Roger. You were down there. Big runoff. The balance of power in the Senate hangs in the balance here. The election between Kelly Loeffler and Raphael Warnock the Democrat. And between David Perdue and John Ossoff. I call him the Pajama Boy Democrat. Who wins those two elections?

Simon: Whoa! You know the Yogi Berra line. Predictions are hazardous, particularly about the future.

Leahy: (Laughs) I love that.

Simon: Yeah, but I think actually that the Republicans will eek out of it.

Carmichael: I hope you are right.

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One Thought to “PJ Media Founder Roger Simon Talks Georgia and the Senate Runoff”

  1. Julie

    Even if Republicans keep the Senate the House will be uninterested in passing election reform since Democrats overwhelmingly benefit from it (and likely can’t win elections without it). If Trump can stay in the WH he can do executive orders but those will likely be challenged as discriminatory in some way to poor minorities. As for Kemp and the SoS, they took the money and can’t afford for the other side to out them for not living up to their part of the bargain so they are doubling down. Here Kemp is in a subtitled video plugging GA for Chinese investors, I am sure there is a fee going to him or his family members for any cut deals. Yes, that is a Chinese flag directly behind him (the American/GA flags are on either side).