Sr. Political Editor of The Epoch Times Roger Simon Reacts to Georgia and the Civil Disobedience Coming to America


Live from Music Row Monday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed Senior Political Editor for The Epoch Times, Roger Simon to the studio.

During the third hour, Simon discussed the energy on the ground in Georgia last week during the large Lin Wood and Sidney Powell event noting how visibly upset people were. He later described how Trump supporters would have to express their outrage for change by cutting off many of their trade services to Big Tech and elites or deciding not to pay taxes.

Leahy: We are in the studio with the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael and my good friend, former boss of PJTV. The founder of Pajamas Media. He is now the Senior Political Editor at The Epoch Times which is growing online and in newspaper print. Roger, good morning.

Simon: Good morning to you. I’m never up as early as you are but I’m here.

Leahy: You were in Georgia last week. Tell us what your reaction was to what’s going on in Georgia.

Simon: You know, if you read the piece, I have of The Epoch Times this morning about the coming civil disobedience in America, I think it’ll give you an idea of the atmosphere. I met a lot of people who are seriously upset. I also went to that event with Lin Wood and Sidney Powell in Alpharetta.

Leahy: Now that even with Lin Wood and Sydney Powell, Crom was billed as a press conference. Was it a press conference or was it a rally?

Simon: I would give it about 10 percent press conference and a 90 percent rally with thousands of people. And these people are not going to go home quietly if the election is taken from them. It’s just not going to happen. So we’re looking at strange events in 2021, depending on what happens this morning. The Epoch Times has a whole thing about the Amistad Project.

Leahy: Yes. We were talking about it.

Simon: Before I got up. It’s interesting because they believe the real deadline is later for deciding is January 20th and not December 8th as were being told. so so if they’re correct then we’ll little bit more time to get this thing sorted out. But if they’re not it’s not going to be sorted out. And not just the citizens of Georgia, but people everywhere. There are just a lot of people who are not believing what happened. And then people are not going to stop figuring out what happened. So the news is going to be coming out for God knows how long about all the shifty things that were done.

Carmichael: We know how the left reacts when they don’t get their way. We know what they do. They mostly peacefully protest by burning down buildings and destroying property. And burning any police car within five miles of where they are. And then they occupy entire city blocks. That’s what they do.

Simon: Like Mahatma Gandhi.

Leahy: Hard to tell them apart right Roger? (Laughter)

Carmichael: Now when the Tea Party Movement started there was a huge rally or protest whatever you want to call it in Washington D.C. there were hundreds of thousands of people who came. And they all picked up their garbage and put it away so that when they left, the city was just as pristine as it was before.

Leahy: Actually cleaner than it was before.

Simon: I wasn’t at that demonstration but I read about what you said. And my wife pointed it out to me. She said you should be picking up things at work. (Laughter)

Carmichael: So my question is if the people who are angry with having an election stolen respond as the Tea Party people did and that is to protest but that’s all they do. How does their expression of outrage gets get translated into a change?

Simon: Well, I think I don’t know. I wrote this long piece that got a lot of traffic a lot and a lot of people debating with me. The usual. And I said there are going to be three phases to this thing. Okay phase one is was just what you described, you know, peaceful protests growing. The second thing may be a tax protest which can be done in a variety of ways.

Of course, we’re talking about people who generally pay their taxes and go to work right? So it’s not so simple for them. But there are different ways that it can happen with tax protests. Thirdly and most scarily is the as a kind of John Gaultism from Atlas Shrugged meaning that a lot of people, if they start to check out of society, can bring society to a halt. Because the people that we’re talking about, the good people of America, the Patriots are America the people who are your plumbers and electricians and everything that make society run. They can bring it to a halt that will even destroy the giants of Big Tech. They depend on it.

Carmichael: That would be the way to do it still within the law. And peacefully it would be it would just simply be I’m sorry, I’m not going come. I’m too busy. I can’t come to fix your toilet. I can’t come to fix your place. It would be that type of thing. And Atlas Shrugged by the way was a fabulous book. By the way, as a tip for those who decide to read it, just recognize that the first 400 pages are not very fast. The middle 400 pages are quite good and the last 400 pages are spectacular. So you’ll have a hard time putting the book down once you get two thirds into it, but the first third is tough.

Simon: Block out some time. (Leahy chuckles)

Carmichael: But that’s interesting. It’s interesting because the left is much more direct in what they do. And what’s also interesting is that they’re directly in the cities where they control the mayor’s office. And then the mayor’s office then controls the police. So for example with this protest that happened where this bar owner I think in New Jersey.

Simon: It was Staten Island.

Carmichael: New York. Okay, pretty much the same in terms of control. And so he opened and then the police go and reluctantly, I’m sure, and then shut him down. And then 1,000 people come and protest to support him. But they won’t do anything other than wave American flags and stand outside of this bar to support him. But what does that accomplish in terms of changing the behavior of the public official that shut that bar owner down?

Simon: Well, it has to grow into something much bigger than that and obviously has to affect what we’re talking about. Secondly, if the Antifa’s and BLM’s of the world plus plus plus start to act violently there’s no question that we’re going to be into a civil war type of situation.

Carmichael: But Antifa and BLM are adjuncts of the Democrat Party. So if the Democrat Party has the power they’re not going to be protesting if they do.

Simon: I’m not saying that they’re protesting. I’m saying if they go against. If they start to attack and be violent that’s when things could really explode in both directions into civil war. Of course, I agree with you though that too totally on the other side.

Carmichael: But you were in Washington when the Trump supporters went to Washington and many of the Trump supporters who went to Washington got beaten up by Black lives matter and Antifa. But none of them got beat up.

Simon: Oh yes they did. I saw it!

Carmichael: The Black Lives Matter people got beat up?

Simon: The Antifa guys. And I was there witnessing it as close as I am to you right now. What happened was in front of the Renaissance Hotel where I was staying I was walking back to the hotel and the Antifa guys were whizzing by on skateboards, which is their style as you probably know, and they were taunting the crowd. And they were saying things that I can’t say on this show.

And finally, one of the Trump supporters wearing Trump gear but was sort of the size of a power forward right stepped up and threw the guy off his office skateboard into the ground. He was terrified. (Leahy chuckles) And all the Trump supporters were cheering. So I’m telling you human beings are human beings and there’s only so much you can take. And you remember that the side of the Patriots is probably in better physical shape. And better armed and know how to use it. At a certain point, this thing could flip.

Leahy: That would not be a good thing for the country but it does seem to move inexorably in that direction.

Simon: Well, we’ll see.

Carmichael: We’ll see. To me the example that you just gave I would imagine that the kid that got thrown on the ground was terrified and he got up and walked away?

Simon: Well, you know what it was very interesting because they were kind of psychotic these kids. You can see it in their eyes and they must have been on methamphetamines or whatever it was with their eyes bugging out. This kid was backing up terrified but at the same time, he was yelling the same expletives to show his buddies that he wasn’t scared. But boy, he ran up the block.

Carmichael: All I’m all I’m saying is is that when the Antifa and Black lives matter people attack a Trump person and a lot of times that Trump person ends up completely on the ground unconscious. That’s not what happened to this kid. And you gave me one instance whereas we can see dozens or hundreds of instances of intimidation by the other side. And all I’m saying is that the rules have to end up being equal for there to be a civil society. Whatever the rules are.

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