Georgia State Legislators Reportedly Fearful of Backlash and Destruction in Atlanta If They Vote for a Special Session


The Georgia legislature may not call a special session – but the decision wouldn’t be for a lack of doubt in election integrity.

In an interview with The Georgia Star News, State Representative Colton Moore (R-Trenton) shared that legislators are gun-shy about calling a special session to address the general and runoff elections.

“The attitudes that a lot of Republicans had was, ‘Let’s just say out of it and let the court decide.’ One legislator said [if they did call a session that] Atlanta will burn down a second time,” he said. “My personal theory is that the governor has prevented a special session because roughly half of the Republicans in the house don’t want to be responsible for that burden.”

Moore was one of the first representatives to petition Governor Brian Kemp to turn over the election results to the legislature. The letter cited that in over two weeks after the election, voters lost confidence progressively in the results.

“Since initiating an election audit, four counties have produced altered results with other Georgia counties now in question,” Moore said. “If Georgia’s Executive certifies the results of this election without considering these treasonous allegations, then all elections operated in this manner will forever be tainted. A decision shall be brought forward to the people under clarity and confidence not reasonable doubt and incompetent administration of new systems,” read the letter.

Moore’s petition argued that the U.S. Code empowers the state legislature to appoint electors if the state fails to choose electors by the legally-appointed date. Both Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger certified the election results on November 20th.

After the presentation of the “suitcase ballots” video during the Georgia Senate emergency hearing last week, Moore stated that voters became more concerned about the integrity of the election results.

However, even with constituents petitioning their representatives to take action, Moore told The Star News that he wasn’t confident about the possibility of legislators coming together to call a special session.

“Now that there’s been a public push, a lot of those legislators changed their minds quite quickly,” the elected official said. “All of the phone calls started coming in from their constituents. Unfortunately, that video came out so late, I’m not sure if there’s enough time.”

On Tuesday, four Republican state senators drafted a petition to force a special session. They will need at least 29 signatures.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Georgia Star News and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Colton Moore” by Colton Moore. CC BY 4.0.
Background Photo “Georgia Capitol” by DXR. CC BY-SA 4.0.






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7 Thoughts to “Georgia State Legislators Reportedly Fearful of Backlash and Destruction in Atlanta If They Vote for a Special Session”

  1. JN Raby

    So we are to accept the thief’s and let the thievery remain in place because we are afraid what the thieves might do if we call them out and bring justice to those that are responsible. Man oh man, that is a weak kneeled conclusion if i ever saw one. Look the other way. Ignore that the most treasured asset of our Republic is our solid foundation of Elections yet you want us to turn our backs on the thievery! You are yielding to those that want to corrupt and destroy our Constitution, Our Bill of Rights. Everything our Veterans fought for and died for is thrown to the wind because you and those like you are so afraid of 2what the thieves might do. You are a white washed weasel and a counterfit USA Citizensm and you dont deserve a public office with in our Government. Not at all. Now you repent and acknowledge you are sorry and you were wrong to even suggest your previous opinion.

    1. Carol Fox

      Very well said But that’s what’s called coward!!! Call all those Republicans what they are yellow belly cowards.

  2. Darren Green

    Well said. and do not forget TX and the other states that actually do something.

  3. David S. Blackwell RN, BSN

    So basically the Mob Rules.

  4. Deplorable Bay Stater

    What a sad state of affairs we have when State legislators are afraid to do their job and fulfill their Constitutional responsibility because a bunch of thugs threaten them with riots. Thank God the folks meeting in Philadelphia back in 1776 had stiffer backbones.

    1. Carol Fox

      That’s what’s wrong with this country people afraid to stand up to billy’s. But when you Mayors and Governors telling theirbpolice to stand down and let these people burn, loot and do what ever they want with out repercussions is stupid. It’s time to say ” NO WAY” stand and let these people pay for their crimes live in prison or die. You carry clubs and fire bombs and guns and knifes, guess what it’s time for the police to be able to do the same!!!