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One Thought to “Clinton Associate Wrote Anti-Trump Dossier in 2016 Claiming He Had Russian FSB Source”

  1. Diana Barahona

    Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis) alluded to the real problem when he said, “There’s something going on in this country, and people don’t quite understand it yet, but it puts our freedoms at risk, and undermines the foundations of our democratic republic.” What he means is that it is the CIA that is behind this attempted coup against the president. Since Eisenhower the Agency has been accustomed to controlling both parties, running foreign interventions and illegal wars on behalf of U.S. corporations. But as these corporations went global, they were able to buy the leadership of both parties, and they continued to use the CIA as their private army. The U.S. was headed on a downward spiral until Donald Trump was elected president. He put the country before the transnational elites. Of course the old leadership of both parties and the deep state agencies went after him in the same way that the CIA has gone after nationalist leaders since WWII. If this seems far-fetched, just ask the White House one simple question: Where is Gina Haspel now?