Documents Show Warnock Downplayed Child Abuse Cover-Up Scandal


Local authority and state documents indicate that Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock may have downplayed his role in the child abuse cover-up scandal. The documents also revealed that the church camp in question, Camp Farthest Out, was shut down by the state due to multiple other child abuse allegations.

The Washington Free Beacon released the documents earlier this week in a series of two articles. The first set of documents came from local law enforcement, detailing Warnock’s insistence on inserting himself into the case and obstructing justice.

According to the police report, Warnock attempted to limit counselors from talking with investigators by claiming that the camp’s attorney needed to be present. An investigator told Warnock that he couldn’t invoke the right to attorney on behalf of the counselors. Then, despite multiple warnings from investigators that interrupting interviews was a crime of hindering and obstructing the investigation, Warnock continually attempted to interrupt and end the interviews.

At one point, Warnock forcibly pulled a camper away from police to prevent them from pointing the investigators to the accused abusers. Warnock then told the camper that he couldn’t speak with the officers. Only after that did the investigators arrest Warnock.

Warnock has claimed that he was “thanked for [his] cooperation” by law enforcement. He also stated that he was attempting to ensure the campers or counselors had legal representation – though the police report noted that the individuals being questioned came forward voluntarily and were informed of their rights.

The second set of documents included a denial of certification from Maryland health officials in 2003, who revoked the church camp’s certificate to operate due to multiple unreported child abuse incidents and safety-code violations.

The denial for re-certification detailed a lack of fire code requirements, supervisors for swimming campers, and an annual report on the camp’s procedures. It also stated that the camp operator failed to report the child abuse allegations and incidents.

A year prior, an inspection report detailed a lack of medical personnel, medical record-keeping, proper facilitation of medications and prescription drugs, and inadequate plumbing. An emphasized note from the inspector read that the staff weren’t supervising campers at all.

Warnock began his work with the camp shortly after joining the affiliated church, Douglas Memorial Community Church, in 2001.

Spokespersons with Warnock’s campaign didn’t respond to The Georgia Star News request for comment by press time.

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