Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock Refuse to Answer Critical Questions in Georgia U.S. Senate Race


Campaign staff for U.S. Senate candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock declined to answer hard questions Wednesday about their past conduct and their policy positions.

Ossoff and Warnock, both Democrats, want to represent Georgia in the U.S. Senate.

Georgia Republican Party members, in an emailed press release, presented a list of several questions that they said Peach State residents must ask Ossoff, Warnock, and even Joe Biden.

The Georgia Star News on Wednesday morning submitted those questions to Ossoff’s and Warnock’s respective spokesmen and spokeswomen. Staff for both U.S. Senate candidates, however, did not respond before Wednesday’s evening deadline.

We submitted the following questions to Ossoff’s campaign:

• Does Mr. Ossoff agree with Joe Biden that Democrats should consider defunding the police if they are victorious in the runoffs?

• Biden said the “defund the police” movement is a political liability that caused Democrats down ballot to lose in November. Does Mr. Ossoff agree?

• Can Mr. Ossoff explain exactly what he meant when he said that funding for police departments should be “on the line“?

• Raphael Warnock has said that police officers are gangsters, bullies and thugs? Does Mr. Ossoff agree? If not, then why did he call him a great moral leader?

The Star News submitted additional questions to Warnock and members of his staff:

• Do you continue to believe that police are gangsters, thugs, bullies?

• What exactly did you mean when you said we needed to “reimagine policing”?

• Do you agree with Jon Ossoff that police funding should be “on the line“?

• Speaking of police, why were police called to investigate child abuse at Camp Farthest Out?

• What was your knowledge or involvement in the child abuse that occurred at your church summer camp in Baltimore?

• Yes or No: Were you in attendance when Fidel Castro spoke at your church, Abyssinian Baptist?

• Do you still stand by your writings in which you praise Marxism and your mentor, James Cone, who called the “white church” the “Anti-Christ”?

As reported, U.S. Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) and U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA), are on the January 5, 2021 ballot for the U.S. Senate against Ossoff and Warnock, respectively.

As reported this weekThe Star News, quoting The New York Times, said Biden doesn’t want civil rights leaders to discuss defunding the police until after the Georgia U.S. Senate runoffs have concluded.

This, for fear that such rhetoric will scare off Georgia voters and prevent Democrats from controlling the U.S. Senate next year.

Georgia Republican Party members also urged Georgians to ask the following questions to Biden:

• Do your leaked comments that were reported last week mean you plan on defunding the police if you are inaugurated and have a majority in the Senate?

• If you believe that the “defund the police” movement is a political liability, do you think Jon Ossoff will struggle because of his position that funding for police departments should be “on the line?”

• By campaigning with Raphael Warnock today, are you endorsing his comments that police officers are “gangsters, bullies and thugs?” If not, do you think Jon Ossoff should denounce those comments and Warnock should apologize for them?

As reported, various Georgia sheriffs said at a press conference Tuesday that they don’t want voters to send Democrats to the U.S. Senate to boost Joe Biden’s agenda, especially since the party embraces ‘Defund the Police’ rhetoric.

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Photo “Jon Ossoff” by Jon Ossoff. Photo “Raphael Warnock” by Raphel Warnock.









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