Tennessee Titans and Nashville Mayor John Cooper Reportedly Discuss Nissan Stadium Upgrades


Tennessee Titans officials and members of the Metro Nashville Government reportedly want to upgrade Nissan Stadium.

This, according to Thursday’s Tennessean, which reported that Titans’ officials will soon announce formal discussions with Nashville Mayor John Cooper and members of his administration. As the paper reported, they will discuss extending the city’s lease with its NFL franchise. This, “while launching a gigantic project that will – in the words of the team and Cooper himself – ‘secure the Titans’ future’ in Nashville.”

“An important disclaimer must accompany any deeper dive into what this news might mean for the Titans (yes, I’m getting there): It’s not really news. Not yet, at least. There’s no solid plan, no blueprint to reveal, no timetable for necessary construction work,” according to The Tennessean.

“The Titans are going public about ongoing negotiations with the city toward a deal that isn’t a deal yet.”

The paper quoted Titans president and CEO Burke Nihill saying members of the public should know more in about six months.

“The announcement means the Titans and controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk are not demanding an expensive new stadium and will be content with upgrades to their existing one,” the paper reported.

Nihill told The Tennessean that no one has talked to Metro officials about a new building for the NFL team.

As The Tennessee Star reported in August, Tennessee Titans starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill publicly said that America “was founded on racist ideas.” He promptly demanded social change.

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6 Thoughts to “Tennessee Titans and Nashville Mayor John Cooper Reportedly Discuss Nissan Stadium Upgrades”

  1. 83ragtop50

    Sounds like another Fair Grounds scam.

  2. Mary

    Ratings are down.
    COVID is still here and some are threatening to keep it here for another full year.
    Bars and restaurants are empty.
    We still have large swaths of our town without sidewalks. Sidewalks.
    And I forget, are WE defunding our police? Or did we skip that one?

    Let the Titans invest in the Titans.

  3. Kevin

    You knew this was coming! And I can’t wait to hear all of the “just too good to be true” justifications by all of the talking heads. But why would we spend any money on a physical stadium when there are Covid-19,-20,-21forced restrictions on public gatherings?

    But here are a couple of improvements that I might be OK with having citizens pay for. Additional display cases and large billboards to display and commemorate all of the Lombardi Trophies that the Titans have won. And design requirements to make Nissan Stadium compatible with MLS.

  4. Leslie Benny

    Oh please oh please give away our hard earned money

  5. Nathan Smith