Crom Carmichael Discusses Dictatorial Democrat Mandates, MSM Vaccine Euphoria, and COVID Death Rates



Live from Music Row Friday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael to the studio to discuss dictatorial Democrat mandates, MSM vaccine enthusiasm, and a historical death rate perspective related to COVID.

(Senator Chuck Grassley clip plays)

I don’t want retaliation for its own sake. But the threat of holding Democrat senators to their own standards has been our only means of deterrence of obstruction. I want to hear from Democrats why we should not now adopt their standards and vote down nominees based on politics.

Leahy: That’s Chuck Grassley from Iowa basically saying you know, all of these nominees that are very questionable at best that Joe Biden is throwing up there who aren’t qualified for the jobs. Except they fit a particular identity. We’ll just hold them to the same standard Democrats have held the Republicans too. It sounds reasonable to me.

Carmichael: Well, that’s the assumption that we win that we went at least one seat in Georgia. Because we have to hold Georgia to be able to hold them to that standard. Because apparently if you don’t have bad standards, and if you’re a Democrat, you don’t have any standards at all. And so we’ll have to see about that. Michael, I want to talk about something else so that it’s just fascinating to me. And that is that now all of a sudden this vaccine is like the greatest thing that’s ever happened. The media all of a sudden…

Leahy: They love it! They love it and now they want to make it mandatory. And it’s a fascinating thing because prior to the election the vaccine still wasn’t going to happen. And if it did it would be because it was rushed it would be untested and therefore unsafe.

Leahy: Now it’s a great thing.

Carmichael: Now it’s on exactly the same schedule that it was on. And now all of a sudden the same media personalities that were telling us how unsafe it is are now saying that it should be safe and we should be encouraged to take it. But it should be mandatory. And this gets back into the notion of a dictatorial Democrat Party. The Democrat Party really does think that the way that the Communist Party of China runs China is the way that they would like to.

Leahy: Yes. Well, Thomas Friedman loves China. Most Democrats want to run the United States the way the Chinese Communist Party runs China.

Carmichael: Yes. But please understand this the Communist Chinese Party where the higher-ups do whatever they want to do. We can see that with the Democrat Party. Gavin Newsom, for example, there are now close to 20 governors or mayors who have emphatically said stay-at-home social distance don’t spend time with family who have done exactly the opposite in their own lives within a week. Within a week! And in some cases, while they were actually making the announcement they were breaking their own rules.

Leahy: The latest is the governor of Rhode Island. He got caught doing it. A Democrat.

Carmichael: Yes, they are all Democrats. Republicans do not demand. And so when people say well, yeah, but look at the Republicans. Well, Republicans aren’t hypocrites because Republicans are not saying the same things as the Democrats. But let me get to this COVID thing. First of all, I have gone back and looked and I’ve pulled out the data. And you and I talked about this maybe a week ago, but I pulled up which is a website that has death rates for countries around the world. And it has charts of the American death rate.

Now, this is a little tiny bit technical, but it’s important. Between 1930 and 1945 the birth rate in the United States was relatively low. I’m not saying with super low but relative to the period before and the period after. I call that the baby dearth generation because it was during the Depression and the Second World War.

And the number of babies born was relatively small. If you add 65 to 1945 you get 2010. And so that’s when the baby boom generation started to retire in 2010. the baby dearth generation started to retire 15 years earlier. So you went through a period where death rates in the United States dropped because the baby dearth generation was the population that was aging.

Leahy: There are fewer older people relatively.

Carmichael: Relatively. Now, there are more older people and that will continue. so our death rate is tracking the same death rate and the same trend, exactly the same trend since 2013 which is when it switched and you have a slightly higher death rate every year because the proportion of the population is older now.

Leahy: Aging.

Carmichael: Now, you would think that in 2020 you’d have this great big upward blip. so far you don’t. The trend is exactly the same. Are there people who have died exclusively from COVID? And the answer to that is yes. There certainly are some. But there are people every year who die specifically from the flu or from pneumonia or from some other disease. But the fascinating thing is that COVID is not showing a dramatic increase. In fact, it’s showing no increase.

Leahy: In the overall death rate.

Carmichael: In the overall death rate. Then you have people say well we need to use the vaccine to protect the most vulnerable. Well, who are the most vulnerable? It would be people in nursing homes. That would be by definition the most vulnerable and people who are in a similar condition, but not in a nursing home. Well, the problem is is that the median stay in a nursing home is 10 months. And this is just a fact of life. People who are in a nursing home if they’re not in there specifically for some rehabilitation of something like if they’ve had a hip replacement.

If they’re there because they’re there health is deteriorating they are going to die within 10 months. And they’re also very fragile anyway. So the question is if you were to vaccinate the whole population of people who are fragile, how many people would you kill because their health is fragile to begin with? I mean, there’s some point where you probably don’t give somebody a flu shot because it would it could kill them. The desire to have the state crush people with their mandates is so overwhelming that we don’t even want to consider a different way of thinking.

Leahy: And we always want to have a different way of thinking at the Tennessee Star. You have to be open-minded. The Democrats not so much. And the Biden’s.

Carmichael: You are being kind.

Leahy: I’m always a kind person Crom.

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