Tennessee Stands Says Gov. Bill Lee Displays ‘Complete Lack of Leadership’ on COVID-19


Tennessee Stands, based out of Williamson County, on Monday said Tennessee residents “didn’t elect Bill Lee to have him cancel Christmas and stomp the Constitution.”

Tennessee Stands spokesman Gary Humble said this in an emailed newsletter, addressing Gov. Bill Lee’s Sunday announcement that the state will ban indoor public gatherings of more than 10 people in response to COVID-19.

“While the governor makes the rounds on national news claiming that Tennessee was the last to lock down and the first to open, local economies are being crippled and education in Tennessee is almost non-existent due to the tyrannical leadership of leftist mayors, county commissioners, local school boards, and local boards of health,” Humble wrote.

“Lee claims that allowing liberty-abusing decisions to be made at the local level is responsible leadership. Tennessee Stands asserts Lee is displaying a complete lack of leadership. On one hand, the governor claims absolute authority to issue a stay-at-home order and declare workers nonessential, yet declines to use the same authority to then open the state.”

As reported, Lee asked Tennessee residents to abstain from large gatherings at Christmas. Lee also announced that the state will limit attendance at indoor sporting events, and he implored business owners to let employees work from home for the next month.

Tennessee is one of the few remaining states in America that has not implemented a statewide mask mandate or mandatory stay-at-home orders. Until Sunday, it had not limited indoor gatherings. But during his evening remarks, Lee lauded local governments that had implemented mask mandates, and he encouraged residents to wear them.

Humble, in his Monday newsletter, said that “this governor was supposed to be different.”

“This governor was elected with the support of grassroots conservatives in Tennessee who believe in strict adherence to our Constitution and the security of God-given rights. Yet Tennesseans ended up with another statist who believes that government’s first priority is making public officials feel comfortable and that the Constitution may be canceled when bureaucrats believe it’s necessary,” Humble wrote.

“We play ball with the GOP. We do what the feds tell us regardless of whether it is in the best interest of Tennessee. And we spend millions of taxpayer dollars spreading the Anthony Fauci gospel and Pfizer’s ‘safe and effective’ propaganda.’”

Humble went on to say that “blurred lines are getting us nowhere.”

“And with pending disaster looming over the White House, it has never been more important that state leadership is strong and can stand up to the test of tyranny that is sure to come our way,” Humble said.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]





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10 Thoughts to “Tennessee Stands Says Gov. Bill Lee Displays ‘Complete Lack of Leadership’ on COVID-19”

  1. MIKE

    I am totally disappointed in the state legislators who have the power to stop this governor and will not act.
    The lieutenant governor should be voted out along with the governor.

  2. 83ragtop50

    Can we survive his bumbling for 2 more years? I am beginning to seriously doubt it.

    And where are the legislators? Why didn’t the Speaker or the Lt. Governor call a special session to rein in this madness? A bunch of cowards who lean too far left for me.

  3. William Delzell

    My complaints against Lee are his continued refusal to mandate mask-wearing, his earlier decisions to pander to right-wing thugs like Attorney General Slatery in allowing large numbers of executions not for the purpose of helping crime-victims but simply to fan up a lynch-mob mentality, and his overall failure to stand up to extreme rightists within his own party. Obviously, most contributors to this journal have the OPPOSITE reasons for trashing the Governor.

  4. lb

    Lee made a HUGE mistake allowing the lefty blue City Govts to make decisions which impacted the entire State. Lee SHOULD have had these local “health depts” like Nashville’s to report directly to the Gov AND get approval for ANY “lockdowns”, etc.
    He also caved to the insistent media driven Medical Union whose members are on the local TV news constantly with the SAME message: Mask Mandates and Lockdowns.
    Lee was not my first or even second choice. He and Boyd were the last 2 standing because they both used their personal fortunes to run everyone else out of the race. I voted for the lesser of the two RINOs and Lee’s very 1st decision on Refugees confirmed it.
    I would welcome a TRUE Conservative with $$ and not afraid of the rino $$ in this State to challenge Lee. That person would have my Vote

  5. Steve Allen

    For a true prospective of our future, please read this commentary:


  6. Steve Allen

    It’s called civil disobedience. I have been doing my own research on this whole virus issue and make my own decisions based on that. Masks do not reduce your chance of dying from the virus.


    Using data I copied for the CDC website, in the State of Tennessee from Feb 1 to the middle of November, .01% of the population died from influenza and tested positive for the virus. But, the percentage of people who died from influenza and tested negative for the virus was .04%.
    Everyone knows that if you are already in bad health, diabetes, COPD, heart disease, over weight and a smoker, have poor diet and do not exercise, your chances of infection are much higher than people who are healthy. If you don’t want to get sick and it makes you feel better, wear a mask, consider it psychological fist aid. But don’t expect me to do the same. I am a healthy individual and I will make my own decisions and practice my own methods of protections.

    If it was up to the liberal/socialists they would shut down the entire economy until our nation imploded, then rebuild it under the direction of the “great reset”. If that bumbling fool Biden becomes president, you can expect this to happen. This is far more about political control than it is about individual health. And if you cannot see that, you have no right telling me what to do.

  7. Julie

    Governor Lee should not have tried to find middle ground with those on the left that want mask mandates and arbitrary lockdown rules that we have seen in other parts of the country. His speech was riddled with leftist talking points and inaccuracies including 10K sick people and the efficacy of masks which made him sound even more ridiculous. He could have come out with a strong message like Ron DeSantis and not be intimidated by these people unless he really is a RINO who knew his entry point in politics in TN would have to be on the Republican side. Not sure if Lee has higher political aspirations but TN needs strong Republican leaders to take on the challenges our state and country is facing.

  8. Sang Ward

    Governor Lee, I didn’t vote for a dictator!

    1. BJ Zeagler

      I don’t think he cares what we think,.. One term Governor….