Mark Green and Tulsi Gabbard Oppose CDC on COVD-19 Vaccine Distribution Policy


U.S. Rep. Mark Green (R-TN-07) and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI-02) have introduced a resolution urging federal officials to revise their decision to prioritize healthy workers over elderly Americans as they distribute the COVID-19 vaccine.

This, according to a press release that Green and Gabbard published this week.

About 87 million essential workers will receive the vaccine before or at the same time as elderly Americans 65 years and older, including those with high-risk health complications. This, per guidance from members of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. The CDC is based in Atlanta.

“For months, the CDC has warned us of serious health complications and high mortality rates among Americans 65 years and older. We’ve seen that a staggering 79 percent of COVID-related deaths have been among Americans over the age of 65. So why is the CDC now recommending that many younger workers can get the vaccine before those who we know are far more vulnerable from this virus?” Green asked.

“It’s shameful that the CDC’s guidance puts tens of millions of young and healthy workers, the majority of whom are under the age of 65, ahead of our grandparents and at-risk seniors. I urge the CDC to revise its decision and start distributing the vaccine based on science, not politics.”

Gabbard, meanwhile, said “it has been scientifically established that the COVID vaccines are highly effective in preventing vaccine recipients from developing severe or life-threatening symptoms.”

“However, it has not been scientifically established that the vaccine is effective in preventing vaccine recipients from spreading the disease to others,” Gabbard said.

“Therefore, we are calling on the CDC to deploy the vaccine in a way that prevents great harm and loss of life for the most vulnerable, by prioritizing those over 65 years of age and those who have comorbidity factors.”

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Image “Tulsi Gabbard” by Tulsi Gabbard and “Rep Mark Green” by Rep. Mark Green.




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One Thought to “Mark Green and Tulsi Gabbard Oppose CDC on COVD-19 Vaccine Distribution Policy”

  1. LM

    Do you have to jump off of a cliff to prove you’re going to die when you hit the ground? No , Ms. Gabbard , I’m sure there’s been no scientific research to prove that giving the vaccine to a healthy person keeps them from transmitting the virus. However , people who are over 65 and compromised are able to mitigate their exposure risks , if they so choose – not so for all the ” young , healthy ” healthcare workers. Where do you think all these nursing home residents are getting COVID? Visitors? Nope. Each other? Nope. It’s most likely those young , healthy health care workers. But maybe you need “science” to prove that , too . If this vaccine works as well as every body thinks it does , then maybe you should follow common sense , since science has recently produced some pretty dismal failures for answers.