Raffensperger Created ‘Serious Problems’ in Election, Dick Morris Tells NewsMax TV


Dick Morris told Newsmax TV that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger created “serious problems” in the November election for several reasons.

Morris appeared on the Monday episode of “American Agenda,”according to a story by Newsmax.

He told Bob Sellers that Raffensperger:

  • Refused to allow double-verification for signatures on absentee and mail-in ballots. He required only one signature, contrary to state law.
  • Refused to comply with state statute and provide Republicans within a “reasonable time” a list of those who voted so they could see who died and who moved away
  • Allowed election officials to eject Republicans during the balloting process or confined them in a distant part of the room where they couldn’t see the paper ballots or the verification.

Raffensperger is also drawing heat for a similar question regarding the January 5 U.S. Senate runoff election.

On December 15, The Georgia Star News reported that as of the first day of early voting for the runoff election, Georgians had not received an updated voter registration list.

The Republican Party of Georgia issued a press release posing seven questions about the list pertaining to the upcoming runoff election – stating the “Secretary of State has failed to answer basic questions” about the status of the current voter registration rolls.

Also, incumbent Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue released a joint statement asking Raffensperger for the updated voter registration list.

Debbie Dooley, president of the Atlanta Tea Party, recently criticized Raffensperger for his decision in March to send absentee ballot requests to 6.9 million voters, saying he was appeasing Stacey Abrams and Georgia Democrats.

Once the applications went out, voters reported receiving ballot applications for people that no longer lived at their address and that had been deceased. It was a disaster.

Raffensperger allowed an outside contractor to mail out absentee ballots. The fact he did this shows that Raffensperger had no clue about ballot security.

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