Tennessee U.S. Rep. Mark Green Explains Why He Supports Objection to Electoral College Certification


U.S. Rep. Mark Green (R-TN-07) announced Wednesday that he will support an objection to the Electoral College certification on January 6 of next year to determine who next occupies the White House.

Green announced this in a press release that he published on his website.

“Over the last two months, I’ve heard from countless constituents who have no confidence in the outcome of the presidential election in certain states. And who can blame them? I tried to sound the alarms for nearly a year in House Homeland Security Committee and Oversight Committee hearings that the increase in mail-in balloting and last-minute changes to election laws could lead to confusion, fraud, and distrust. Sadly, those warnings were not heeded,” Green wrote.

“On January 6, 2021, Congress will receive and certify the Electoral College results. Congressman Mo Brooks and Senator Josh Hawley are filing objections to certain states’ electors, which will force the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate to examine and debate the evidence from each state.”

The Tennessee Star reached out Wednesday to all of the people who represent Tennessee in the U.S. House of Representatives as well as U.S. Rep.-Elect Diana Harshbarger.

Harshbarger is scheduled to replace the retiring U.S. Rep. Phil Roe (R-TN-01).

Harshbarger spokesman Zac Rutherford said in an emailed response that “we will be challenging them [the results] as well.”

Richard Vaughn, spokesman for U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-TN-04), emailed the following statement:

“Congressman DesJarlais has been long engaged with the Trump campaign and also has concerns about the conduct and transparency of many of the electoral processes in the most recent election,” Vaughn said.

“An overwhelming number of people in Tennessee’s Fourth District have asked for a full debate and vote, and the Congressman believes that it is worthy of discussion and debate by the House before a vote on certification. He has agreed to join the effort.”

Staff for all of the other sitting congressmen did not return The Star’s requests for comment before Wednesday’s stated deadline.

Green, in his press release, said that “Congressional Democrats have set the precedent for objecting to the certification of certain states’ Electoral College results.”

“In 2005, then-Senator Barbara Boxer became the only Senator in recent history to join a Member of the House in filing an objection, to draw attention to election laws that, in her view, needed reform,” Green said.

“I believe there’s nothing more important than giving the American people confidence in our election system. While I do share serious concerns about Congress’ Constitutional role in our federalist system of government, if nothing was out of line, what reason do we have to oppose such a motion, so the entire nation can see the evidence presented clearly and make a determination on their own?”

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15 Thoughts to “Tennessee U.S. Rep. Mark Green Explains Why He Supports Objection to Electoral College Certification”

  1. Keith Morrisett

    I support the objection to certify the electoral count. There has been to many instances of cheating Fraud, ballot counts and dead people voting. I support a re vote with a government issued photo ID for LEGAL citizens only. In person. Also on Federal elections there should only be one set on rules nation wide. Not state by state. And the same software. The American people need this to insure their faith not only in the electoral process but our government.

  2. Jennifer Hamblin

    Congressman John Rose, where will you stand on the 6th sir?

  3. Query……what is it that Trump supporters want that you do not have…..our Constitution is the cornerstone of freedom and rights for all Americans equally…..we each have the right to petition our government (which we are all the government) for those things which we desire form government…..democrats and liberals and republicans and conservatives …..we all have the same rights……obviously dems want a government that is active in support for liberal social programs that benefit them……which imo these programs also benefit repubs as well…..I do not know of any repub who refuses Social Security or Medicare or any of the many other social programs we utilize…..so my question is …what is it you want

    1. Barry Britt

      Your last statement only proves the stupidity of the whole Democratic platform. Social Security and Medicaire were never intended to be social programs! If you work to earn an honest paycheck, you have been paying for these programs. The only thing social-ist about them is the fact that illegal immigrants are receiving benefits without participating in paying for them, in my opinion!!

      1. Patricia

        You are absolutely correct. I worked for 50 years and paid each pay day for these benefits! Anyone who thinks they are a social benefit is an idiot. Please Dave Reynolds, get your facts straight and shut your ignorant mouth! Social benefit my ass!

  4. 83ragtop50

    I am certainly glad that some representatives are actually taking a stand against the blatant election cheating. It is painfully obvious that the courts – including the Supreme Court – are hiding behind sometimes questionable technicalities to avoid doing their jobs. I guess their public images are more important to them than the rule of law they have sworn to uphold.

  5. Mac

    Pure politics, not based on anything else. Put politics above the good of the people anytime.

  6. David S. Blackwell RN, BSN

    Clearly any Senator or Representative that does not support an objection to this fraudulent election need not be reelected.

    1. Jennifer Hamblin

      You are so smart sir!

  7. Julie

    Sounds like there are TN house volunteers stepping up. But where are TN senate reps? Bill “Team Player” Hagerty has been mostly MIA (although he did attend the GA rally with Trump) and Marsha is running the media circuit talking about everything but this. She voted for the defense spending bill but goes on TV to talk about why she rejected the Covid bill. She hasn’t defended President Trump in the stolen election but has been interviewed about why we should support the GA senate candidates. It is almost as if she is running a PR campaign to demonstrate that she is a conservative (her new book is often propped up in the background). We have 200 senators and only Josh Hawley has committed to objecting to the certification but understand why some may want to wait until closer to the 6th. I expect both Marsha and Bill to object as well or we can assume they are either swamp creatures or puppets of Mitch McConnell who need to be primaried.

    1. Julie

      So this is interesting. Marsha signaling that she may support Trump or letting everyone know that she will not run for another term now that voters are more focused on congressional actions (i.e. accountability)? What will her legacy be? Standing up for our constitution or just bowing out to be an DC influencer? She has been in Washington since 2003, almost all of it on the house side. I believe there would be little support for term limits in Washington, and she would have to know that. The suspense leading up to the 6th will be killing me.

    2. jamesb

      julie. we have 100 senators. two for each state.

      i think our two will stand with tennessee when the time comes.

      the only real player in this will be our vice president and what he does

  8. DD

    Rep. Green, the proper place for objections to the results of the 2020 election is in a court of law. Such objections have FAILED – FIFTY TIMES. What is very clear in your rationalizations – which of course must include blaming Democrats – is your total lack of evidence of any election fraud. You have nothing – nothing but purely ulterior, political motives. As my grandmother used to say, for shame!

    1. jamesb

      sorry dude . it is not an issue of fraud. it is about violations of state laws and the us constitution by a few states that set in place a system of confusion and abuse which many of us see as fraud.

      there is the rule of law and they must be followed and the courts have made clear they will steer clear of these politics so all we can do is follow what the courts have silently said.

      settle this mess politically and leave us out.

      thank you mr green.

      stop the steal.

  9. Kevin

    And this is why I will support Representative Mark Green!

    Feckless RINO’s along with the Left had better start taking notice of what has and is happening. The Trump-led populist movement world-wide is here to stay. Americans are sick and tired of the pandering by elected representatives who have delegated away, to corrupt bureaucrats, their responsibilities. The time for accountability is now!

    Get on board, or get run over!