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4 Thoughts to “Analysis: How the GOP Lost Control of Washington, and What Comes Next”

  1. Greg

    The Left radical Dems prepaired to empeach POTUS Donald Trump starting from the verry first day of his inauguration!

    Democrats even spyed on Trumps campaign, with Obamas knowledge! Please go see the movie:
    the plot against the president

    The radical Left socialist Dems never accepted POTUS Trump! They were lying to the American people for 3 years with the debunked russian collusion hoax story.

    Republicans should never accept this unelected president either!

    And the sic, vicious, heatred spreading radical communist Dems now try to empeach POTUS Trump a second time…

    Please read also the very good artikle

  2. Eric

    Thank you for the
    link Noemi!

    Dr. Navarro released the best summarysing reports on voter fraud so far.

    And his second report on Election irregularities
    with the title

    The Art of the steal

    Dec.2020 Navarro released also

    The immaculate Deception

    It can read also online direct via