Commentary: It’s NFL Playoff Time! John Fredericks’ Selections


Well, here we are. Playoffs. Not a moment to too soon. A distraction from endless lockdowns, politics, and a very intense year.

In celebration and preparation of legalized online sports wagering coming to Virginia in the next 30 days or so, we will start a new weekly column with my NFL playoff selections against the spread.

Based on 40 years of picking football games, my wife said if she bet $10 against every pick I have ever made—we would be on an island now (that we own). So that’s my disclaimer. Also, please play responsibly.


Colts at Bills – 6.5 

How do you bet against Buffalo in their first home playoff game in Orchard Park since Bill Clinton was President? They’re offense looks to be hitting on all cylinders, and the Colts – with a suspect secondary- have stop a red-hot Josh Allen. Phillip Rivers is one and done. And out of Indy. Pick: Bills minus 6.5.

Rams at Seahawks – 3.5 

Didn’t the Rams lose to the dumpster fire Jets in a must win game a few weeks back? Let’s see…Rams lost to Jets…Rams lost to Jets…Ok, I’ll lay the points. Rams lose to Seahawks. Pick: Seattle minus 3.5

Bucs at Washington +9 

When this game first posted I bet Washington immediately, in fear the spread would drop. Then I bet them again…and again. I love Washington in this game. While Alex Smith can’t walk two feet and has the mobility of a postage stamp, either can Tom Brady. Here’s the difference: Washington Football Club (WFC) has a ferocious legit defense. Their D-ends are beasts and they will harass Brady all day. Put pressure on Brady, you win, he can’t move around like the old days. Like my father (and yours) said: defense wins championships. WFC wins the whole game. I can’t believe I’m getting 9 points. Gift. Pick: WFC plus 9


I’m going to take a shot of Bud-Lite every time Derick Henry and the Titans run the football. I’ll be sloshed out of my mind by midway in the third quarter. Run, Titans, run! If Lamar Jackson doesn’t have the ball, he can’t score. Titans put up a 40-spot. On to round two. Hello, Buffalo!

Truth in Advertising: I’m a die-hard Titans – Oilers fan and I’ve bet them 975 games in a row. Why stop now? Pick: Titans plus 3.5

Bears at Saints – 10 

Well, I’ll be drunk by 4:25 PM (see above) so I’ll likely take a nap. But if you think I am going to bet Mitch Trubisky over Drew Brees at home in a playoff game – you’re drunk too. This is a blow-out. Bears backed in and if Trubisky falls behind by 3 scores it’s a route. It’ll be Interception-O-Rama. Saints win big. Pick: Saints minus 10.

Browns at Steelers – 6 

Didn’t your father say defense wins championships? I say: defense doesn’t cover six-point spreads on a team with no run game. Throw last week’s game out. Browns saw Miami down by 21 in the first quarter and took a breather. Pittsburgh can’t run the football. How about a little dose of Nick Chubb? Roethlisberger will have to throw 55 passes. He can barely comb his hair. I like the Brownies to win outright. Pick: Browns plus 6

See you Monday!

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John Fredericks, Publisher and Editor In Chief of The Virginia Star.
Photo “Washington Football Team” by All-Pro Reels. CC BY-SA 2.0.







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