FBI Raids Locations Tied to Former Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada, Plus Additional Lawmakers and Staff


The FBI on Friday reportedly raided locations tied to former Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada (R-Franklin) and Republican allies and staff over allegations of possible public corruption.

Current Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton (R-Crossville) issued a statement about the raid that took place at the Cordell Hull Building in Nashville.

“Since becoming Speaker, I have been contacted by federal authorities regarding an ongoing investigation related to the former speaker’s office.

I have been, and I will continue to be in full cooperation with the authorities as their investigation continues.

On the advice of both Ethics and Legal Counsel, I am placing everyone that was subject to the execution of today’s search warrants on administrative leave until further notice.”

Fox 17 News tweeted, “FBI RAID Agents walk into Tennessee Rep. Glen Casada‘s office with boxes in hand. https://bit.ly/35kkBI0“.

NewsChannel 5 reported that the raid also included Casada’s home early Friday morning, and published photos of Casada in his bathrobe.

Agents were seen at the offices of State Representatives Robin Smith (R-Hixson) and Kent Calfee (R-Kingston), and at the homes of Casada’s former aides Cade Cothren and Holt Whitt, the station reported. Agents also were allegedly at the home of newly elected State Representative Todd Warner (R-Lewisburg) and at Smith’s home.

Sexton said it was his understanding that Calfee is not part of the investigation, The Tennessean reported.

Placed on leave were: Whitt, Sexton’s interim chief of staff and former Casada aide; Carol Simpson, Casada’s legislative aide; and Nadine Korby, Calfee’s legislative aide, The Nashville Post reported.

Casada in June 2019 announced he would step down as speaker effective August 2 of that year following several controversies and a vote of no-confidence, The Tennessee Star reported at the time. He continues to serve in the Legislature.

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.
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4 Thoughts to “FBI Raids Locations Tied to Former Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada, Plus Additional Lawmakers and Staff”

  1. John

    America’s Gestapo! The FBI is NOT law enforcement. The FBI is the strong arm of the communist authoritarian NWO that we all now live under.

  2. Apocphrya

    Couldn’t agree more, I have ZERO confidence in government – Franklin was correct about it being a Republic ‘if’ we can keep it. It breaks my heart to say it but we are a Republic no longer – instead we live in a Democrat controlled oligarchy which is pretending to be Republic; especially considering that National and State elections can be stolen via the corrupt big city machines. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are a joke to those who rule over us (including all of the alphabet agencies). I predict that it won’t be long until the ‘new’ government begins to use 18 U.S. Code § 2385 against anyone who dares to oppose the new regimen. I pray that I am wrong – but I don’t think I am.

  3. Julie

    Obama had eight years to load three letter agencies up with socialist and communist leaning partisans which is why they have been uninterested in investigating any election fraud. That being said law enforcement and the media are only interested in looking into Republican wrongdoing and not Democrats. Meanwhile, Democrats have become more emboldened with their actions as there is no accountability. This has partially led to where our country is now.

  4. CMinTN

    Funny how the FiB is so gung ho about going after republicans…they have been absent over all the traitors for years now. Zero faith in the corrupt FiB.