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6 Thoughts to “Murkowski Becomes First Republican Senator to Call on Trump to Resign, Report”

  1. nicky wicks

    this clown is only in office because of her dad. she’s as republican as oven mitt romney

  2. jamesb

    like her or not i think sarah palin is gonna try to take her out

  3. jerome

    Is there no bottom to this persons ignorance.

  4. jesse

    This is no surprise. Murcowski isn’t a Republican, she is the epitome of the term RINO.

  5. 83ragtop50

    She needs to look into the mirror. She and her RINO brethren have been instrumental in giving the liberals an alarming amount of power. I find it amazing that what I thought to be freedom loving Alaskans would elect such a person. I guess the big cities like Anchorage control statewide and government politics in a fashion similar to New York City.

    1. CCW

      IIRC, she was defeated by a real republican candidate in the Alaskan Primary, so rounded up her friends (here again probably under McConnels Senate Leadershp PAC) and did a write-in 3rd party in the general election. She is about as republican as AOC or Mitt.
      “…Sep 01, 2010 · In a major upset, Sen. Lisa Murkowski conceded her GOP Senate primary race Tuesday night to Tea Party Express favorite Joe Miller. Miller, a Fairbanks attorney, led by 1,630 votes after more than… “