Tennessee Residents Who Traveled to Washington, D.C. This Week Say The Vast Majority of People There Were Peaceful



Williamson County Republican Party Chair Cheryl Brown said this week that members of the mainstream media unfairly depicted supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump as people “who stormed the Capitol” and wanted to destroy Washington, D.C.

But Brown, who was one of hundreds of Tennesseans who traveled to Washington, D.C. Wednesday, said she came only to plead for a free and fair election.

“It was a peaceful protest, and the small group that I went with from Tennessee to D.C. came to hold politicians accountable for a free election. There were people as far as I could see. I was reminded of a verse in the Bible that says ‘I saw a vast crowd too great to count from every nation and tribe and people and language,’” Brown told The Tennessee Star Friday.

“There were people there of all ages. It was beautiful. In the way that we were all on one accord and peaceful and taking care of one another. It was like one big family coming together, and we respected each other and watched out for each other. One of the things that concerned me was the minimal amount of police presence not there.”

Franklin resident Martin Plumlee, who was also in Washington, D.C. Wednesday, said he and his friends, all “ardent Trump supporters,” saw people from all walks of life at the Capitol Mall.

Wilson County resident Rick Williams, meanwhile, said roughly 400 Tennesseans traveled to Washington, D.C. to support Trump. Most of them, he said, didn’t go anywhere near the doors of the U.S. Capitol, nor did they intend to do so.

“The national media is quick to blame Trump and make the people [supporting him] appear to be something they are not,” Williams said.

“Every Trump supporter I know is an honest hard-working American taxpayer.”

As The Star reported this week, many of those Tennessee residents traveled to Washington, D.C. by bus.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Trump Supporters” by Tyler Merbler. CC BY 2.0.







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5 Thoughts to “Tennessee Residents Who Traveled to Washington, D.C. This Week Say The Vast Majority of People There Were Peaceful”

  1. MAGA Supporter

    They NEVER mention the homicide rate in D.C. And it’s not Trump supporters!

  2. Allen

    Look at the photo of the man at the left holding an unfulrled Trump flag, with the phrase “…your feelings”. The hidden word is “f**k”. Not exactly a peaceful thought and reminiscent of “Woodstock “. Perhaps you where not among the invaders of our mother church of democracy, but don’t sugarcoat the total reality of what happened.

    1. Bill

      What’s happening is China trying to get Biden in the White House so the US can fall under communist rule. It’s not gonna happen. I can give you 75,000,000 reasons why.

  3. Kevin

    The Trump rally in DC was like a giant Woodstock, on steroids! Song and celebration were everywhere. The love of God, of country, of freedom, of our fellow man, and for President Trump brought us all together and will keep us together.

    And this scares the cr*p out of the Left. All the Left craves is power and you can expect their power grab to be exponential in the next few years. It will have no bounds! We’re seeing it already with Apple, and Google attempting to force Parler to censor users.

    But 2022 is just around the corner. and we need to start now with the effort to get rid of every Representative who puts DC politics and the Chinese Communist Party ahead of US citizens!

  4. Becky

    Oh come on. This is pure propaganda defending these yahoos.