Rep. London Lamar Files Bill To Investigate Tennesseans Participating in January 6 Events in DC and Remove Elected Officials from Office


Rep. London Lamar (D-Memphis) filed a bill for the upcoming legislative session beginning Tuesday that calls for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) to investigate Tennesseans suspected of participating in seditious or treasonous acts at the federal Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. on January 6, and clarifies that such acts committed by state elected officials constitutes their removal from office.

The proposed legislation was filed Friday, after Lamar took to her state representative Facebook page the day prior in a post titled “The Line Has Been Drawn” which accused President Trump and his supporters of engaging in acts of sedition and treason to promote white supremacy.

In place of the post, a message appears, “This Facebook post is no longer available.  It may have been removed or the privacy settings of the post may have changed.”

Here is a screenshot of the post, before it disappeared Sunday afternoon.


On her personal Facebook page, Lamar said Thursday that there was no equivalency between “the peaceful protests from this summer in support of racial justice” to the events on January 6, which she referred to as a “domestic terrorist attack against our US Capitol.”

That post was apparently removed somewhere between the afternoons of Saturday and Sunday, but much of the verbiage from the Facebook post also appears on Lamar’s campaign website.

Meanwhile, Tennesseans who travelled to Washington, D.C. have said that the vast majority of people who were there were peaceful.

Lamar’s legislation will add a new section to the Tennessee Code Annotated that addresses the prevention and detection of crime as it relates to the TBI.

Lamar’s HB0111 is very specific in who the law would apply to:

(a) The Tennessee bureau of investigation shall investigate each Tennessean suspected of participating in seditious or treasonous acts relating to the events that transpired at the federal Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021, and any related acts that may be carried out in, or planned for, the future that target the United States or this state.

(b) Seditious and treasonous acts relating to the events that transpired at the federal Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021, committed by an elected official of this state constitute grounds for the immediate removal, expulsion, or impeachment from office as provided under the Constitution of Tennessee or state law, as applicable.

Lamar calls for the act to go into effect as soon as it is signed into law by the governor, after passing both chambers of the Tennessee General Assembly.

Of note is that if Lamar’s proposal were to pass, it appears to be in direct violation of The Constitution of the State of Tennessee by retroactively changing the legal consequences of actions committed prior to the law’s enactment.

Section 11 of Tennessee’s Constitution Article I, Declaration of Rights, protects Tennesseans from such actions which come about because of the tendency for government leaders to abuse their power.

Section 11 states, “That laws made for the punishment of acts committed previous to the existence of such laws, and by them only declared criminal, are contrary to the principles of a free government; wherefore no ex post facto law shall be made.”

This provision of the Tennessee Constitution is consistent with the U.S. Constitution Article I, Section 9, which reads “No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed,” as well as Section 10, which establishes the same rules for states.

Lamar is beginning her second two-year term as a State Representative for House District 91, after replacing Raumesh Akbari in 2018 who was elected Senator of District 29 the same year.

Following the night of her successful election in the 2018 mid-terms, Lamar took to Facebook Live with her analysis of the election results and accusing Tennessee of being racist, The Tennessee Star reported.

Over the course of the 14-minute video, Lamar said, “Tennessee is racist, period.  Period,” that “most of the Tennesseans who voted Republican are uneducated,” and inferred that those voters were the “real enemy here.”

While the video was almost immediately removed following the report, it was later retrieved by The Star.

Lamar later made a statement that in the video she was speaking on behalf of her constituents.

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Laura Baigert is a senior reporter at The Tennessee Star.
Photo “State Rep. London Lamar” by London Lamar.







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21 Thoughts to “Rep. London Lamar Files Bill To Investigate Tennesseans Participating in January 6 Events in DC and Remove Elected Officials from Office”

  1. Trevor

    She is racists and should be investigated for promoting hate against Tennessee people! She should resign today!!! Tennessee general assembly please censor her fir her racists comments!!

  2. Traditional Thinker

    How about investigating why your city ranked 3rd highest in crime last year. I think that should be priority for your constituents.

  3. She needs to be tried for Treason…Instead the Domestic and Foreign Enemies of our Republic intend to to declae all honorable Citizens/Patriots as Terrorists, disarm us and ABC wants to “CLEANSE” us or genocide! How is it that this hand full of Criminals, is being allowed by those we elected and our Military to destroy America and us the 0ver 250,000,000 Patriots?

  4. Tim Price

    Damn good way to promote unity, NOT!

    Does she not realize that calling anybody a racist means nothing because Democrats have invalidated the word by screaming it against anyone who disagrees with them?

    Anyone with a megaphone stuck in their face classifies as a 14 carat gold idiot.

  5. nicky wicks

    who even is this clown?

    memphis is such an embarrassment. can we sell it to AR for scrap?

  6. Noal Sartain

    I’ll support her bill if she will apply it to the “seditious or treasonous acts” Democrats displayed in relation to BLM

    1. Tim Price

      She wouldn’t .

  7. Pissed Off Nashvillian

    Bite me!

  8. Paul

    I need to ask Rep London Lamar if she knows the difference between uneducated and just plain stupid?

  9. EdC

    The communist democrats are moving at warp speed to consolidate their tyranny. It won’t end well.

  10. Arkane

    New Democrat moto: Whitey Need Not Apply…Y’all Da Devil!

    And it’s short enough to fit on a bumper sticker so Dem’s and their goldfish like attention span can remember it.

  11. Karen

    Wow…just wow! The power they now think they have! And what is the first thing they do with their so-perceived power….go after those that don’t agree with everything they say/believe! I predict it won’t end well for them.

  12. Beatrice Shaw

    I believe several elected officials from Tennessee were at the instigated riot. They SHOULD be held accountable. They knew better than to go fan the flames.

    1. CMinTN

      It was your Burn, Loot, Murder thugs as well as Antifa who did most of the damage. We have many of their pics and have already tied them to previous riots that BLM and Antifa started. You libs are going to get a lot more than you bargained for if you think you are coming after us.

    2. Tim Price

      Do you even understand the concept of truth. You must be a Democrat.

  13. Wolf Woman

    London Lamar: Tennessee legislator & communist agitator from Memphis
    Tennessee is racist (check);
    Tennesseans who voted Republican are uneducated (check);
    Tennessee Republican voters are the real enemy (check).

    She must be a good friend of Steve Cohen.

  14. M. Flatt

    Say, can State Employees complain to DoHR about her creating a “hostile work environment”?

    Asking for a friend, you know?

  15. How STUPID, the TBI has no federal jurisdiction, nor do they have jurisdiction on what happens outside the State of Tennessee.

  16. Julie

    Left still thinks they have trifecta and are going full communist. I guess she will be in support of AOC’s “Trump Accountability Project” which is nothing more than a hit list of people to target who supported Trump. It looks like it will be a list of officials but “enablers” will also be targeted (that is code word for you and me). Stalin would be proud.