Democrat-Turned-Republican Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones to Speak to Nashville Young Republicans Tuesday


Less than a week after making the announcement that he would be leaving the Democrat Party to join the Republican Party, Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones will be a keynote speaker at the Nashville Young Republicans monthly meeting Tuesday evening.

It was a history-making moment at the Save America March in Washington, D.C. last Wednesday, when Jones announced he would be officially joining the Republican Party.

Jones spoke to the hundreds of thousands of supporters who stood for hours adjacent to the Washington Monument in the near-freezing temperature waiting to hear President Trump speak.

Jones had been expressing his dissatisfaction with the Democrat Party for some time and then made the bold move to endorse Trump in the November presidential election.

In December, Jones joined attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood at a press conference turned very energetic Trump rally along with conservative activists C. J. Pearson and Ali Alexander, organizer of Stop The Steal.

Last Wednesday, “I’m ready to go home,” Jones said, building up for his big announcement.

“I’m ready to go home, to the party of Lincoln.  I‘m ready to go home, to the party of Frederick Douglass.  I’m ready to go home, to the party of South Carolina Senator Tim Scott.”

“Today, I’m coming home.  I’m coming home to the Grand Old Party!  I’m officially joining the Republican Party,” Jones concluded to a cheering crowd that then broke into chants of “U-S-A.”

Shortly afterwards, Jones tweeted his announcement, adding that the Republican Party is in desperate need of leaders who know how to fight.

“I know how to fight,” Jones’ tweet concluded.

Also featured as a keynote speaker at the Tuesday Young Republicans meeting is businessman and entrepreneur Quincy McKnight, who intends to be a candidate for U.S. House in Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District.  The seat is currently held by 10-term Democratic Congressman Jim Cooper.

Both Jones and McKnight are expected to talk about recent events in Washington and Georgia, as well as their own plans and the future of the Republican Party.

The Nashville Young Republicans meeting will be held at the Bold Patriot Brewery at 410 39th Avenue North and Charlotte Avenue in Nashville at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, January 12.

Laura Baigert is a senior reporter at The Tennessee Star.
Photo “State Rep Vernon Jones” by Vernon Jones.





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One Thought to “Democrat-Turned-Republican Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones to Speak to Nashville Young Republicans Tuesday”

  1. william delzell

    At least he is an honest Republican so that true leftist voters will know beforehand where he stands on the issues so as to avoid voting for him in the future.