U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen Says Donald Trump is the Reason Why He Had to Travel with People Not Wearing COVID-19 Masks



U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN-09) pouted on Twitter that he had to travel alongside people who didn’t wear COVID-19 masks, all of whom he assumed were Donald Trump voters — although Cohen didn’t provide evidence to back that up.

Cohen tweeted this information Sunday.

Many of the people who replied to Cohen’s tweet said they wanted government officials to act — in extreme ways — against Cohen’s fellow airline passengers.

“My plane to Charlotte on the way home was full of #Trumpers. Many were mask less. One refused hand sanitizer as a ‘COVID hoax.’ Trump’s lies fuel this deadly behavior and election fury. His lies are to blame for spreading the virus & inciting a lethal insurrection at our Capitol,” Cohen wrote.

Cohen elaborated in a subsequent tweet.

“To clarify, many of my fellow travelers were maskless in the waiting area but not the plane itself. The airline enforced good mask compliance on the plane, but DCA didn’t enforce compliance in the airport, except for announcing that everybody at all areas should have masks on.”

Greg Siskind said on his Twitter feed that he is a Memphis-based immigration lawyer and one of ABC News’ top 20 people to follow for immigration news. Siskind told Cohen that the airlines need to put the other passengers on a national no-fly list.

“It’s right, and it’s also good for business,” Suskind tweeted while responding to Cohen.

“A whole lot of us have no interest in getting on an airplane with these deplorables (I’m determined to use that word as often as possible to honor the woman who called it).”

Diane De Martini, of northern California, referring to the people without masks, said “crazy people like that should be arrested for attempted murder.”

Another person, who did not give a name and only said that he or she was a former Tennessee Democratic Party staffer, boasted that “deprogramming expertise is about to be a booming field.”

Another unidentified Twitter user, meanwhile, asked Cohen how he knew the people not wearing masks supported Trump.

“Did they wear some sort of identification. Are you unequivocally saying that all people who didn’t vote for Trump wear masks?,” the person asked.

Cohen did not reply.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]





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16 Thoughts to “U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen Says Donald Trump is the Reason Why He Had to Travel with People Not Wearing COVID-19 Masks”

  1. SP

    I cannot stand Cohen! Life long whiney democrat who is nothing more than. Soros puppet! Virus has a 99% survival rate! Cohen is such an embarrassment to the state of Tennessee!!

  2. James White


  3. jamesb

    the older this fool gets the his brain turns ijhs

  4. 83ragtop50

    No one forced him to board the plane.

  5. LM

    No doo doo head- people with common sense are why you had to get on a plane ( or whatever ) with people with no masks. So I suggest you avoid all people with common sense, as we will certainly do our best to avoid you.

  6. Personally, I would make Cohen fly on a plane full of people not wearing pants.

  7. Gordon Shumway

    no worries steve, with your head up your a$$ a virus can’t get to your nose

  8. Julie

    I would like to thank all of the communists including many Democrats for showing us who they really are. They are making it a lot easier for people to understand what the progressive left stands for. The covid fraud was to scare people and lay the foundation for us to give up our constitutional rights. Once the dust settles Cohen will be another person going to jail for treason for knowingly certifying a fraudulent presidential election.

  9. M. Flatt

    Maybe it’s time for the “old man” (who is vulnerable) to retire and let his protégé, London Lamar, take over.

  10. William Finch

    That is right, masks do not work.

  11. Kevin

    What! You mean Steve Cohen has to fly with us peons and doesn’t get to fly on a private jet? I guess maybe he should be working more closely with Hunter Biden!

    But realistically, I doubt Cohen has much to worry about, where his head is permanently encapsulated, no self respecting virus would even consider going!

  12. Tim Price

    Just shut up you whinny tail liberal nit wit!

    1. Tim Price

      Actually your boy Fauci is the one who causes the problem because he went from masks are good to masks are bad and back again several times.

  13. Bill

    I wouldn’t worry Steve, your face would prevent any virus from getting near you. Pretty sure the alcohol in your system will help as well.

  14. David S. Blackwell RN, BSN

    Mask do not work. Never have. Never will.

    1. William Finch

      Amen to that.