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3 Thoughts to “Democrat-Controlled House Votes to Impeach Trump a Second Time”

  1. beaudreux

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again,,,,,,,,,,,,,BOHICA!
    Bend Over Here It Comes Again

  2. Roger

    It is a forgone conclusion that anyone who tries to clean out Washington and put America first will be destroyed. Our roaring class makes millions on inside information which is illegal for you or me, they have dealings with overseas countries which allowed they to siren off foreign aid and pad their bank accounts and above all, they have benefits reserved only for them. After what happened to Trump, after the liberal having a pact with big tech, big business, BLM and Antifa, don’t look for a brighter future or the courts, any court including the SCOTUS to make things better. We have turned into a 2.0 version of China, Russia and all the banana republic that have bit the dust around the world.

  3. Deplorable Bay Stater

    This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “rush to judgment”.

    These donks (and RINOs) are so deranged by their hatred of President Trump that they are making complete fools of themselves. Do they not know that the NY Times (!) has published evidence showing that the riots and attack on the Capitol building were planned many weeks in advance, and, in fact, started at least 20 minutes before President Trump finished his speech, so it isn’t even possible that he “incited” the violence?

    It has also been established that Nancy Pelosi was warned by the FBI, the NYPD,, and the Capitol Police (who BTW report to her) about the possibility of violence long before the protests started, and advised to request the National Guard be deployed to protect the Capitol, but she refused to do so. So, by pushing for impeachment, she is actually trying to cover up her own culpability, and these morons are all falling in line to help with the cover-up. Don’t they realize that cover-ups like this are almost always exposed, and turn out to be worse than the original offense?