Tennessee Legislature Re-Elects Randy McNally, Cameron Sexton as Speakers of Senate, House


Tennessee Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally (R-Oak Ridge) on Tuesday was re-elected for his third term as Speaker of the Senate, while State Representative Cameron Sexton (R-Crossville) returned as House Speaker.

The Tennessee House Republican Caucus tweeted, “The 112th General Assembly convened today in Nashville! Congratulations to our re-elected Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton, newly elected Speaker Pro Tem Pat Marsh, and all our members as they were sworn into office. @CSexton25 @marsh4tn“.

Senators met at noon on the first organizational day of the 112th General Assembly to re-elect McNally, the Tennessee Senate Republican Caucus said in a statement. By statute, the Speaker of the Senate holds the title of Lieutenant Governor. McNally has served as Speaker of the Senate and Lieutenant Governor since January 2017.

The Senate Republican Caucus tweeted, “Congratulations to @ltgovmcnally for being re-elected to serve as Senate Speaker. We are grateful for your leadership.”

After his election,McNally gave brief remarks addressed to his colleagues and the people of Tennessee.

“As I think back over my time in the General Assembly, I cannot recall a more dedicated group of public servants than we have in the Senate at this moment,” said Lt. Governor McNally. “I am deeply honored to serve with each and every one of you. Serving as Speaker of Senate and Lieutenant Governor has been the honor of my life. I am grateful to you and the people of Tennessee for placing trust in me. I am truly humbled.”

“In speeches over the years, I often talked about preparing our state for Black swan events. In 2020, a bevy of black swans descended on our state. The massive March tornadoes, as well as the ever-present coronavirus, put forth challenges no one could have foreseen,” McNally continued. “Our state has weathered this adversity better than any other state in the union. The reason for this was preparation and leadership. Hopefully, this year will be better. But if it is not, we are ready. Because we are Tennesseans. Let’s get to work.”

McNally is only the second Republican Tennessee Senate Speaker in modern history and the first from Anderson County in nearly 150 years.

State Senator Brian Kelsey (R-Germantown) tweeted, “Congratulations our new members, Senators @PageWalley and Heidi Campbell on being sworn in to serve in the 112th General Assembly. I am honored to be led by our re-elected speaker and Lt Governor @ltgovmcnally.”

Kelsey was referring to newly elected State Senators Page Walley (R-Bolivar) and Heidi Campbell (D-Nashville).

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