Knoxville Democrat Reported State Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver to Law Enforcement for Being in Washington, D.C.


A long-time Democrat from Knoxville reported Republican State Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver to Washington D.C. law enforcement for being at the Capitol on January 6.

The story was reported Thursday by The Tennessee News Journal (TNJ).

According to TNJ, the report to law enforcement was filed by Knoxville Democrat attorney Dudley Taylor.

According to his webpage, Taylor is a founding partner of the Taylor & Knight law firm in Knoxville.

In addition to active duty service in the Marine Corps and various legal positions, Taylor served as the Commissioner of Revenue from 1987 to 1988 under Governor Ned McWherter.

Taylor’s page also indicates that he was a member of the State Board of Equalization, Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, Tennessee Human Rights Commission and the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance.

In 1988, Taylor made an unsuccessful run for Congress in the U.S. House 2nd District against John “Jimmy” Duncan, Jr.

“I respectfully inform you that Terri Lynn Weaver … was a participant,” TNJ said Taylor wrote to D.C. Police Chief Robert Contee.

“She posted photos and informed The Tennessean, the daily newspaper in Nashville, that she was ’in the thick of it.’ She claimed to be a ‘patriot,’ of course,” TNJ reported, including a January 6 tweet from Weaver.

The actual quote from Weaver in The Tennessean was “Just a whole heck of a lot of patriots here.  We never experienced any violence.”

Weaver’s tweet includes a picture from the vantage point of the front lawn and not on or in the Capitol.

Additionally, cell networks cut out at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, as PC Magazine discussed, leaving most attendees unable to access phone or internet services until later in the day.

Also of note is that while the crowd size at the Save America rally at The Ellipse adjacent to the Washington Monument doesn’t seem to have been officially estimated, it is obvious that not all of the attendees made the mile and half walk to the Capitol much less making their way inside.

Contee, who was selected in late December by Mayor Muriel Bowser as Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department, was sworn into the position on January 2, 2021.

In an email, Contee thanked Taylor for his report and advised, “I will ensure our FBI partners have this information,” TNJ wrote.

Both Taylor and Contee were contacted via email by The Tennessee Star, requesting the reported email exchange between the two.

Taylor was also asked to provide the evidence he offered to law enforcement in conjunction with his report.

Neither Taylor nor Contee responded to The Star’s inquiry.

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Laura Baigert is a senior reporter at The Tennessee Star.
Background Photo “Capitol Protest” by Tyler Merbler. CC BY 2.0.











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16 Thoughts to “Knoxville Democrat Reported State Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver to Law Enforcement for Being in Washington, D.C.”

  1. Ms Independent

    Cohen and Cooper= dumb and dumber and I’m being nice…

  2. Jim

    Every statement by the Democrats, more outrageous than the first, is opening the eyes of everyday Americans.

    This Dudley Dooright (or is it Studly Dudley) ought to file a report about how Mayor Mini Cooper incited the riots in Nashville this past summer.

  3. noname

    What was your point in giving Ms Weaver’s name to the FBI? Do you have proof that she acted maliciously at any time while visiting the capitol?
    If you don’t have proof then you are no better than members of the mob that illegally entered the Capitol. Good grief!

  4. Roger

    Watching TV this morning and It seems the ruling class sees no problem with calling in the national guard to protect themselves in every state and the capital, but it was against the law according to a lot of them to call the guard to protect commoners like us during the rioting and looting. I guess to them people like us have no value especially now when they can just manufacture any votes they need.

    1. Ron Welch

      It has been reported that the Capitol Police Chief repeatedly requested National Guard assistance because of the large number of people expected and hearing that a planned breach of the Capitol Building. Unfortunately, those in charge of the Capitol Police, Speaker Pelosi, Senate Majority and Minority Leaders McConnell and Schumer and the DC Mayor refused this prudent, pre emptive request.

    2. Dal ANDREW

      Unfortunately, today we see an ever widening schism between the ‘governed’ and those who govern. That is the dichotomy that is most disturbing in 2021

  5. jamesb

    hey the guy is a democrat lawyer. was it shakespere who wrote; after the revolution the first to go is the lawyers? smart man

  6. Wolf Woman

    And what the heck is wrong with Rep. Weaver being at the rally in D.C? As a Republican representative of the Tennessee state government is she forbidden to support a Republican president? She wasn’t breaking any laws; she wasn’t bothering anyone it seems but Dudley Taylor.

    It infuriates me that Taylor wants the FBI to spend their valuable time and the taxpayers money to investigate Ms Weaver for exercising her rights as a U.S. citizen!

  7. Beatrice Shaw

    Why is it that since I moved here it is always a good, solid citizen (who always seems to be a Democrat) that is helping save this country? We have to do something about the terrorists in Tennessee provoking riots. We have seen it in Nashville already and now in Washington.

    1. Wolf Woman

      Please read: 1984; Animal Farm; The Private Lives of the Master Race; The Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights; The Declaration of Independence.

      The democrats have historically been the party of slavery and elitism, the party of corrupt unions,, the party supporting Socialism/Marxism/Maoism, the party supporting riots and mass destruction of cities and the party supporting corrupt elections and a totalitarian oligarchy. They have never liked our Republic.

    2. Betty Lynn Duley

      If you dislike it so much, you are free to leave. You probably disliked the place you left also. Keep trying somewhere sometime you may find something positive to say. Seriously, there are ways to acknowledge disagreement without demonizing. Do you know anything at all about Taylor? Or Weaver?

    3. lb

      What “Terrorists” specifically would that be please? A “good Citizen who always seems to be a Democrat”?
      Sweetheart, you need to keep moving. I suggest Chicago, WI, CA, etc–they seem more up your particular alley

    4. Ron Welch

      “We have seen it in Nashville already and now in Washington.”

      Oh yeah, I remember, Mayor Cooper attended a gathering in violation of his Covid restrictions and then they marched downtown. Some vandalized businesses on Lower Broad and attempted to burn the County Court House. But other than those apprehended and arrested, all the others are presumed to be engaging in Constitutionally protected, legal free speech and assembly. So EVERYONE should be treated the same according to “the equal protection of the laws” (14th Amendment).

    5. Ms.Independent

      Goodbye…..time for you to move again…

  8. Tim Price

    This is total Crap!

    A Republican has no right to go to a protest while Democrats have attended and support protests, rioting and violence all summer?

    Democrats are on the verge of causing a war and are too stupid to realize that their arrogant
    and self-righteous ways are about to cause the country to explode!

    What hypercritical idiots Democrats are!

  9. steve Allen

    So now the donks are trying to make it a crime to just visit the nations capitol.It’s too bad they didn’t show as much concern this summer for all of the rioting
    that too place.