U.S. Rep. Jody Hice Explains How Georgians Can Preserve the Republic Against Socialists and Marxists



U.S. Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA-10) said this weekend that right-of-center Georgians can defeat socialists and Marxists living within the United States and, at the same time, do so peacefully.

“As shameful and tragic as January 6 was, it does not change the fact that tens of millions of Americans believe the November 3 general election was fraudulent,” Hice said in an emailed newsletter to his constituents Friday.

“When the People lose faith in our electoral system and cease believing that they can enact change at the ballot box, we risk losing our entire Republic. The only way to fix this crisis of confidence is by exposing and correcting the flaws in our election system. That is what January 6’s Electoral College certification was supposed to be about!”

Hice said that on that date he was to lead the objection to Georgia’s slate of electors with the now departing U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA).

“I never anticipated my objection being agreed to by a majority of the Congress or that the outcome of the election would be reversed. This was an effort to restore confidence by shining sunlight on the allegations that must be addressed. Contrary to what many liberal partisans now claim, Democrats have made similar objections numerous times in recent years and there is nothing unlawful or seditious about our objections. Period,” Hice said.

“Unfortunately, when I was able to make the objection after order had been restored, we lacked a Senate partner needed for full consideration as Senator Loeffler and others had backed out after the riot. The storming of the Capitol, supposedly done in support of President Trump, completely undermined our lawful attempt to highlight the evidence of fraud being ignored by the mainstream media and the courts.”

Various left-leaning organizations have reportedly called on Hice to resign his seat.

The Walton County-based Walton Tribune reported that members of Common Cause Georgia want Hice to resign. The Athens-based Flagpole reported that members of the Athens-Clarke County Democratic Committee demanded the same thing.

Hice, in his newsletter, did not address those people.

“As Americans, we must decide whether we will preserve our way of life, keep the values and principles we hold dear, and defend the liberty we inherited from our forefathers… Or will we embrace the radical platform of Socialism and Marxism that has seeped into our politics,” Hice said.

“No matter how ferocious the debates become, we must remain peaceful and abide by the rule of law –and we must use every legal means to stop the rising tide of Socialism and Marxism. That is how we win. That is how we preserve our Republic.”

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3 Thoughts to “U.S. Rep. Jody Hice Explains How Georgians Can Preserve the Republic Against Socialists and Marxists”

  1. Kathryn

    The Georgia SOS is scheduled to certify the Jan.5 Senate runoff election this week…. but the SOS can NOT legally certify because that election violates the Georgia Constitution in at least two ways. And if the election cannot be certified, that leaves the US Senate still with a Republican majority of 51-48 until a new proper election can be held.

    Problem 1. Violates the GA Constitution’s provision for a “secret ballot”.

    You can clearly see here that the SOS is recording how (which party) people vote for…. and that information could be used for retribution… as is being called for daily in the news media. So, the fact that the SOS records this information constitutes voter intimidation, and also violation of the “secret ballot” provision of the Constitution.

    Problem 2. Violates the GA Constitution provision that voters in a runoff election must have been eligible to vote in the general election.

    So, new voters registered after Nov.3 were NOT eligible to vote in the Jan. 5 runoff election …. but the GA Secretary of State website told people that they could register up until Dec. 7.

    This means that the vote count for the Jan.5 runoff election includes votes from people who were not eligible to vote per the Georgia Constitution. And now there is no way to subtract these ineligible votes from the total count, so the correct vote count can never be found and the Jan.5 runoff election can never be legally certified….. because it violates the Georgia Constitution:

    “Paragraph II. Run-off election. A run-off election shall be a continuation of the general election and only persons who were entitled to vote in the general election shall be entitled to vote therein;”

    The Georgia Secretary of State should NOT certify the Jan.5 runoff election, as he is planning to do this week.

  2. Philip Horner

    We are not going to win anything if they flood the country with illegals and cheat to win.

  3. Bob Scrivner

    Jody is incredibly naive.