Former Sen. Corker Bashes Trump, Wants to Guide GOP Forward


A former Republican Senator from Tennessee who had a tumultuous relationship with President Donald J. Trump has resurfaced to bash the forty-fifth President in his final days in office, along with, by extension, those who support him.

“Look, there’s no one that feels more strongly about the fact that Republicans ought to celebrate some of the policy gains that have occurred, but never ever, ever allow someone like President Trump to serve again, certainly to become the Republican nominee or be president of the United States,” former Sen. Bob Corker (T-TN) told Knox News last week.

Corker, begrudgingly supported Trump during his 2016 presidential election campaign, though he refused to formally endorse the eventual winner of the race.

The pair had numerous public spats before Corker retired from his post in 2018.

Corker once referred to the White House as an “adult daycare center.”

In October of 2017, Corker told The New York Times that Trump was putting the United States “on the path to World War III.”

Like everyone else who made that claim, Corker was wrong. There were no new wars during the Trump presidency, as Vice President Mike Pence noted Sunday.

“I’m proud to report with just a few days left in our Administration, our Administration is the first in decades that did not get America into a new war. That’s Peace through Strength,” Pence said on Twitter.

But with Trump leaving office, Corker and many like him in the GOP Establishment that was roundly rejected by Republican voters in 2016, is looking to guide the GOP’s path forward.

“When asked about [potentially running for office again] Thursday, the former senator and former Chattanooga mayor said no one should take his statements to mean he is trying to push his way to the top of the party, a place he says he’s never felt inclined to go,” Knox News reported. Instead, he just wants a seat at the table when the party’s future is up for debate, he said.”

In an interview with Politico, Corker refused to rule out running for office in the future. He told Knox News that he’s on “sabbatical.”

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Pete D’Abrosca is a contributor at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Follow Pete on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Bob Corker” by Bob Corker.






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36 Thoughts to “Former Sen. Corker Bashes Trump, Wants to Guide GOP Forward”

  1. Jay

    Well said by all. He just thumbed his nose at 74 million plus Americans. He was a good mayor though.

  2. Jack

    Where is Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty? Why aren’t the defending the people in Tennessee that voted for Trump! The left wants to reprogram the Trump supporters! We see that. they will be part of the Washington swamp and not represent the people of Tennessee!


  3. Pandora

    Napoleon B. was exiled first to Elba and then for a second time he was exiled to the remote island of Saint Helena. I suggest the same for Bob Corker, the Napoleon of Tennessee.

  4. Bubba N.

    I truly hate this puke. Republicans like him are pure garbage.

  5. Deplorable Bay Stater

    Corker may not be the LAST person we need to “guide the GOP’s path forward”, but this unrepentant RINO is definitely near the bottom of the list. He belongs right where he is now, on the trash heap of history. Marsha Blackburn is far from perfect, but she’s a huge improvement over Corker.

  6. MAGA Supporter

    He’s mad because Tennesseans / Trump supporters booed him on stage at a Trump rally.

    1. Pandora

      I witnessed that ! The booing was so loud even Trump was shocked.


    Hey Bob your mouth cork fell out put it back in and cork it. You had your chance and you blew it. RINOs not welcome in the Tennessee GOP.

  8. Ms Independent

    Rhinos Corker, Hagerty, Blackburn backed President Trump when it benefited them but now we know where they really stand! I thank President Trump for exposing the swamp!

  9. Ron Welch

    Corker was senator only because two good conservatives, Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary, split the vote in the 2006 Republican Primary. Hilleary had lost narrowly to Phil Bredesen in the gubernatorial election. He should have deferred to Congressman Ed Bryant, a constitutional conservative, who would’ve been a great Senator for Tennessee. I never voted for Corker and would never do so.

  10. krikit

    Corker wants to guide the GOP? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. That even beats the “Biden will unite the country”.

    1. Chattanooga Bill

      Excellent comment!

  11. Frank List

    corker was a collosal failure to Tennessee. He ran as a conservative, but it didn’t take long for this LEPER to change his spots.

    please allow me to suggest, mr corker, that you take the money you stole from us and just go away.

    no one wants to hear your whiny, elfin voice lying to us anymore…so please accept your irrelevance and, as my German friends would say, “macht nie fleige!”

    1. Frank List

      my mistake: its “fliege”… it means, more or less to “take a hike…”

  12. Philip Hopper

    Crawl back under your rock. You were in a position to help this country but you choose not to. Remember Iran and that little nuclear agreement? You screwed us all and Trump. Go join your freeing in the democrat party and lead them, traitor.

    1. Trevor

      Amen! Go back to Washington Corker! You were a fake conservative!!!

  13. Fraudsters gonna fraud.

    What’s the matter, Bob? Didn’t do enough damage the first go-round? Go back to managing your questionable real estate “interests.”

  14. midtngal

    What you and others don’t seem to understand Bob is that Donald Trump IS the Republican party! With what the “party” has done to him, there will be no more Republican party! The funds will dry up soon enough. Maybe then you all will get it!

  15. Karen

    Dr Manny please primary Marsha! You are the real conservative! She has been in Washington since 2003! Primary Marsh in 2024…..

  16. Trevor

    Little Bob will soon be joined by the other RINOS Marsha Blackburn and Never Trumper Bill Hagerty! On the outside looking in! They care more about Washington than Tennesseans….

  17. Steve

    Bob needs to stay down on that river in Chattanooga. He does not represent people in Tennessee. We have seen this show before. The only thing he can do is try and bash Trump. Go help that nut from Memphis eat his bucket of chicken Bob and get a job out of politics.

    1. Frank List

      well said, sir… though i think corker would shy away from chickens… they look too much like himself.

  18. William Finch

    Corker embarrassed our Great State of Tennessee the last time he was in the Senate. We don’t need him to do it again. So please stay home Mr. Corker.

  19. jamesb

    rino bob and his hateful mouth. were it to do over i would have voted harold ford. at leasr i would have known what i was getting. squat on lookout mountain and shut up

  20. Bill

    Little Bob is a swamp creature! He always put Washington ahead of Tennesseans! This guy is a loser! Senators Blackburn and Hagerty also placed Washington values ahead of Tennesseans! They did not want to ensure there was voter integrity in the 2039 election! They used Trump to get elected! Primary both of them! Did I mention Marsha has been in Washington since 2003? She is a swamp creature that supports Mitch anti Trumper!

  21. CMinTN

    Get lost Little Bob! The party belongs to us now and it is your type we will be keeping out going forward.

  22. M. Flatt

    Can we step away from the idea that Trump was the problem?

    This junk inside the party is part of the problem. In the case of “majority rules”, everyone agrees to work with what is finally chosen. Those that don’t like the choice of the majority have a choice: “like or leave it.” Even if you don’t personally like the standard bearer of the party, one should get behind them or get out of the way. The infighting is what has weakened the party. Can you imagine what could have happened if there had not been RINOs standing in the way of Trump’s ideals? I’ll give you a hint, it wouldn’t have been a disaster.

    In 2009, I made the decision to respect the office of President, despite my feeling that the man holding the office was unqualified for it. (I still think “Oh! Bama!” was elected on the shame of so-called “anti-racism.”) I have to use that same philosophy for a while, during the Harris administration. I am waiting to see what happens when they try to appease every one of the different “anti-Trump” factions that coalesced around their mutual hatred.

  23. Julie

    Corker was part of the establishment uni-party in Washington. He was a swamp creature and needed to go. If anything he would lead the GOP back towards the swamp and eventual irrelevancy. People voted for Trump, not the GOP.

  24. Mike

    What a sense of humor.

  25. Mark

    Shut up RINO’s
    Bob Corker needs to continue his crooked construction developments and leave the Republican party alone. It’s RINO’s like McCain, Romney and him that have weakened the party while conspiring with Democrats to destroy our freedoms. Go away Bob no one wants your input!

  26. Russ Crouch

    Corker will do well to guide himself home.

  27. Tim Price

    Bob “I am the Boss” Corker!

    Just shut your RINO Mouth!

    What an idiot Corker is!

  28. l h benny

    I will never Vote for this traitor.

  29. Disgraceful Bob!
    Trump is American.
    You want to lead?
    You are not the same person I knew in the seventies.

    1. Beatrice Shaw

      No one stays the same. Some people mature and put the whole country in front of them and not just a party when making decisions. Biden does this and no doubt Harris now will.

      1. Roger

        Biden has always made decisions that made Biden richer, and has ever since he has been in office. His kids getting lucrative contracts, his brother getting lucrative contracts some over seas and his son Hunter makes deals after deal in industries he has no experience in. I don’t really believe he has the country in mind. Harris isn’t any better, go back to how she referred to Biden during the primaries, all it took was to wave a high office in her fact to have he abandon all the morals she claimed to have and the indignities she suffered because of Biden and his bigoted friends when he was in the senate.