Tennessee Senators Criticize President Biden’s First Round of Executive Orders


Both Tennessee Senators oppose President Joe Biden’s first wave of executive orders. Senators Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Bill Hagerty (R-TN) quickly criticized Biden’s decisions to end the Keystone XL pipeline, overhaul the immigration system, and rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement.

In a series of tweets, Blackburn issued her criticisms of Biden’s orders.

Blackburn pointed out that Biden’s decision to end the Keystone XL pipeline would leave thousands without jobs, and possibly further strain the nation’s energy resources and economy.

In his own statement on the order, Hagerty added that the Keystone’s demise would harm national security and increase energy costs for all.

“Our adversaries in China, Iran, and Russia must be thrilled that the United States is damaging its own prosperity and pushing itself back to a reliance on foreign sources of energy,” wrote Hagerty. “Our economic security and our national security are at stake with this decision. I strongly encourage the Biden Administration to reconsider.”

Blackburn accused Biden of endangering citizens by prioritizing politics over sound policy. She retweeted a warning issued by Lindsey Graham of borders being “overrun” as thousands in a migrant caravan formed in the days preceding Biden’s inauguration.

“We must secure our borders to protect the American people,” wrote Blackburn. “The @JoeBiden Administration is putting politics before [the] safety of the American people.”

Hagerty agreed with Blackburn’s assessment, alleging that it would enable drug and human trafficking as well as other forms of illegal activities.

Then, Blackburn claimed that putting the nation back into the Paris Climate Agreement would reduce jobs and add a hefty economic burden on both individuals and businesses. Hagerty concurred. He claimed that the agreement doesn’t actually achieve its sustainability goals.

“It does nothing to actually enforce carbon emission reductions, nor does it hold accountable the world’s biggest polluter – China,” wrote Hagerty. “Since withdrawing from the agreement, the United States has achieved a significant decline in American carbon emissions, and we continue to have some of the cleanest air and water in the world. Our global adversaries benefit when the United States burdens itself with policies that our competitors ignore.”

On the morning of Biden’s inauguration, Hagerty promised to push back against policies that oppose conservatism.

“Washington liberals want to turn America into a socialist nation,” wrote Lee. “As your Senator, I will continue to work alongside Senator @VoteMarsha and represent the conservative principles you elected me to protect. Conservative values are Tennessee values.”

The Tennessee Star inquired with both senators if they had a plan of action to address Biden’s orders. Neither senators’ spokespersons responded with comment.

In addition to the three executive orders criticized by both senators, Biden issued a slew of other orders immediately following his inauguration.

The President mandated efforts to advance racial equity while eliminating the 1776 Commission and green-lighting race or sex stereotyping or scapegoating in workplace diversity and inclusion trainings; reversed the travel bans on countries such as Nigeria, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, Eritrea, Sudan, and Tanzania; imposed a federal property mask mandate and established a federal workforce COVID-19 safety task force; appointed a COVID-19 Response Coordinator; revoked orders on federal regulation, which had aimed to cut down on regulatory expenditures and the number of advisory committees; included illegal immigrants in the census count; revoked all orders that prevent efforts to address the “climate crisis”; prohibited gender identity discrimination in areas such as the workplace, restrooms, locker rooms, and school sports; imposed an ethics commitment for appointees, which imposed certain requirements and limitations such as on lobbying activities; and halted funding for the border wall construction.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].






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31 Thoughts to “Tennessee Senators Criticize President Biden’s First Round of Executive Orders”

  1. JohnR

    These two cowards stood behind President Trump…. until they stabbed him in the back by voting to accept the electoral college results. This was after they PROMISED not to.

  2. Tim Price

    Hey Marshy Girl and Billy Boy, go jump up the South End of a North Bound Hog! Your words mean little because tie actions have spoken.


    Didn’t take long for their true colors to show. YELLOW.

  4. You both knew this when you voted against our President. It never fails to amaze me that these dwelling swamp creatures are surprised when the Swamp does exactly what they told you all through the campaign they would do. You did not do what you told us you would do, and now you get in front of the press and tell your constituents were on your side. You had your chance and blew it. Marsha, I hope Dr. Manny Primaries you in 2022 but whoever does I will be voting for. Washington has proven that they no longer care about the will of the people and it is time to whip out State legislators in shape. We need a convention of States to bring power back to the People. http://conventionofstates.com/?ref=269

    1. Trevor

      Well said Lyle! Go Back to the Swamp Marsha and Bill!!! You have turned your back On Tennesseans!

  5. lb

    These two have lost not only their credibility but the loyalty and support of their Constituents. I didnt like Hagerty or Marsha and ONLY Voted for them after they were the choices of Rs.
    Hagerty just screams PLASTIC and Marsha has always been a RINO gopE in Conservative clothing. I Voted for Dr Manny and so did my husband. Hopefully he will challenge one of these two and we can find another REAL Conservative to replace the other.
    Until then, I want to hear NOTHING from either of these two.

  6. These two will put every chiropractor out of business. No spine – no work.

  7. Trevor

    Dr Manny please seek the US senate again ! Marsha has been there since 2003! She has accomplished nothing but voting for Never Trumper Mitch McConnell….

  8. James Martin

    Too bad you two did not stand up for President Trump like you said you would… You were cowed by the press. You made a decision without the facts. Too bad. You two are better than the socialists….

  9. Jack

    How will RINO Blackburn and Hagerty vote on impeachment? The articles are coming over Monday per Schumer? I have herd nothing but crickets since Trump left office from these two!! Please ask them to go on the record on where they stand! Tennessee voted overwhelmingly for Trump! Let’s see if they “vote their conscious” and not represent the Tennesseans that elected them to support the America first agenda!!! They both voted to elect rino Mitch as the leader that has falsely blamed Trump for the riots!! They have not called Mitch out or for a vote to recall him like the house is doing to remove Liz Cheney!!!!!

  10. jamesb

    has anyone noticed gasoline price going up?

  11. CMinTN

    These two RINO’s have lost my consent to govern me! Will be working hard to unseat both. Establishment Uniparty trash!

  12. Campbell Kiser

    I am surprised Biden did not pick these two for a cabinet seat on his administration. They essentially voted for him. Never will vote for either of them again. I unsubscribed to their news letter and hope to never heard from them again. They rode Trumps coattails for re-election then turned on him.. They just cost the Tennessee Republican Party in the future.

  13. Ms Independent

    Rhino Republicans should be in the title! Both are sellouts and cannot be trusted. They only backed President Trump when it benefited them. We no know their true color and it isn’t RED!

  14. Kevin

    You mean Tennessee’s TURNCOAT Senators, right!

    Both of whom are only US Senators because President Trump rescued them from themselves! Bredesen was beating Marsha until Trump came down and campaigned for her. And Hagerty, well his entire campaign was predicated on the Trump endorsement. Without Trump, Hagerty would still be out pedaling junk bonds!

    Yet, both Marsha and Bill both stabbed the President, and all of us citizens, right in the back! January of 2021 has been a defining moment for many. We won’t forget!

    1. jamesb

      well bless your heart kevin. i never saw any evidence bredesen was beating marsha or haggerty was in trouble.

      tennessee used to elect conservative democrats but like the edsel automobile they are a thing of the past.

      if tds persists try a coffee enema

  15. Jimmy D.

    May I suggest another title? “The Two Tennessee Senators Who Willfully Certified The Fraudulent Election Of Joe Biden Have No Credibility To Criticize Anything As A Result.”

  16. Phillip Lassiter

    These two have no allegiance to anyone. True opportunists. Shameful. Exploited Trump and now believe we don’t see through them. They know they are comfortable though and we can’t do anything.

  17. Trevor

    Dr Manny please stay relevant! MArsha is out of touch with Tennessee! You will make a great US senator! Marsha and Hagerty have proven to be RINOS! Dr. Manny for senate, you have my support and contributions! Retire Marsha in 2022!!!!

  18. Karen

    Marsha you have been in Washington since 2003! What have you accomplished? You have accomplished nothing to make Tennesseans life’s better! Please don’t run for elected office anymore and return to your home state of Mississippi!! The swamp, Mitch and RINO’s love you! Tennesseans needs someone in Washington that will vote the way Tennesseans voted and not your “conscience.”

    1. jamesb

      karen huh. name says it all. i am very satisfied with my senators

  19. Bill

    They are both RINOs! They both used Trump for support to be elected and quickly turned their backs on him! Falsely withdrawing support for the election integrity act that Senators Cruz and Hawley kept their word to support! Hagerty’s first vote was to elect Mitch McConnell as the senate majority leader! Mitch has made statements that Trump caused the problem at the Capitol. You never herd Marsha or Hagerty criticize Mitch! They support Washington more than Tennesseans! The Tennessee GOP house members all Kept their word to vote for the Integrity act, with the only GOP member Kustoff from Memphis! Primary both of the RINOS! America first Agenda for Tennesseans!!! Marsha and Bill please call out the west coast Antifa destroying Portland and Seattle! Sincerely I am sorry I voted for Both of you!!!

    1. jamesb

      i disagree with their vote also but have you considered the democrat alternative?

      1. steve Allen

        Another liberal lurking about here. How about you move to Vermont, you’d love it.

  20. Gordon Shumway

    well they criticize now, but sure didnt fight very hard during the ‘election’ certification.

    the steal was not stopped.

  21. Julie

    I think we are over the pro-conservative social media messages. When they are not in charge they will fundraise off these issues and when they are in charge the hold hearings. No one I have talked to will vote for either one of these two again. There is definitely an opportunity for anyone that wants to run against either one of these swamp creatures.

  22. Thomas Barry

    How about a story on why both of these “politicians” caved on rejecting the illegal votes from the big six cheat states

  23. David S. Blackwell RN, BSN

    Yeah right. They had a chance to stop him. I voted for Dr. Manny. I stand by that. I knew Hagerty was spineless.

  24. Noxville

    You know, senators, your blowhard complaints mentioned in this article would carry a lot more weight if either of you had followed through with your promise made via a joint statement issued on January 2, 2020:

    “For critical moments like these, the Constitution reserves the right to challenge the Elec***al Col**ge results to members of Congress. On January 6, we will vote to oppose cert*****tion of the 2020 ele***on results.”

  25. Traditional Thinker

    Yet you consented to an illegal election? Sorry but whatever you have to say now is a mute point. Once a politician, always a politician. I’m not using politician in a positive sense btw.