Bill Hagerty Adds Several Former Members of Donald Trump’s Administration to His Staff


U.S. Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) has appointed several new people to his staff, and many of them worked for former U.S. President Donald Trump.

This, according to a press release that members of Hagerty’s staff emailed Thursday.

“Not only does the team I have assembled in my Washington office augment the strong on-the-ground state organization announced this month, they also bring a wide array of experiences and qualifications that will serve our state and the country well,” Hagerty said in the press release.

Politico on Thursday said Hagerty hired 13 former Trump administration officials.

“Republican Capitol Hill offices have hired a number of former Trump officials, both from the White House and various agencies, but Hagerty’s hiring of 13 former Trump staffers goes above and beyond what other GOP lawmakers have done,” the website said.

The website described Hagerty’s office as “a full-employment factory for Trump officials looking for their next gig.”

“Judd Deere, the former deputy White House press secretary who stuck it out until the final day of the Trump presidency as the last remaining press spokesperson, will be Hagerty’s deputy chief of staff for communications, while Julia Hahn, who was the deputy White House communications director, will be senior communications adviser,” according to the website.

“Hagerty himself is a Trump alum and served as the U.S. ambassador to Japan.”

Hagerty’s press release, meanwhile, listed the following other new staff members:

 • John N. Rader will serve as chief of staff.

• Clark Milner will serve as chief counsel to Hagerty.

 • Jim Durrett will serve as deputy chief of staff for operations.

• Betsy Van Dam will serve as executive assistant and scheduler.

• Addison Osborne will serve as assistant scheduler.

• Legend Brumbaugh will serve as staff assistant and personal aide to the senator.

 • Bailee Beshires will serve as press assistant.

• Audrey Traynor will serve as digital assistant.

• Adam Telle will serve as Hagerty’s chief advisor.

• Jonathan S. Greenstein will serve as senior policy advisor.

 • Robert Zarate will serve as national security advisor.

• Colonel (Retired) Joel D. Rayburn will serve as special advisor for Middle East Affairs.

 • Natalie McIntyre will serve as deputy legislative director.

• Andrew H. Hogin will serve as deputy chief of staff for State Relations.

 • Lucas Da Pieve will serve as projects director.

• Kevin Kim will serve as the national security fellow.

• Shane Harris will serve as special projects coordinator.

• Riley Stamper will serve as a legislative correspondent and personal aide to Hagerty.

• Nick Elliot will serve as a legislative correspondent.

• Rachel Leong will serve as a legislative correspondent.

• Shea Throckmortonwill serve as a legislative correspondent.

“Under John Rader’s leadership, and with the senior team I have assembled, I am confident this talented group will work above and beyond to serve the needs of Tennesseans and our Nation,” Hagerty said in the press release.

Hagerty, on January 6, flip-flopped on his decision to object to Electoral College votes from Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania immediately after protestors breached the U.S. Capitol. This, despite previously assuring his constituents that he would object.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]








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8 Thoughts to “Bill Hagerty Adds Several Former Members of Donald Trump’s Administration to His Staff”

  1. Jack

    John Rader is a RINO, if he worked for little Bob Corker and anti Trumper Billy Haslam!! We are seeing the true anti Trumper Bill Hagerty! He is also all in with rino Mitch McConnell!!

    Dr Manny please primary fake Conservative Marsha Blackburn! Blackburn is also a RINO supporter of anti Trumper Mitch McConnell! I thought Hagerty and Blackburn were supposed to represent Tennesseans? Tennesseans overwhelmingly supported Trump! I think we have a problem with our senators!!!!

  2. Beatrice Shaw

    This man dumped big money into this web site of course you support the neocon. you won’t post this-just know people know

  3. Nancy

    Senator Hagerty! how many of your new hires are Tennesseans? Please let us know! I think most of the hires are Washington DC Swamp creatures, deep state bureaucrats?

  4. CMinTN

    Hope you and Marsha enjoy your single term in office. We will be campaigning hard for your replacements. MAGA has no use for establishment turncoats!

  5. Karen

    Rino Hagerty! You broke your promise to Tennesseans to vote for the election integrity act from Senators Cruz and Hawley! Why do you have trouble keeping your promises when 6 out 7 Tennessee GOP congressman kept their promise? Please publicly explain to Tennesseans why you lied to us! You put Washington Interests ahead of Tennesseans! Why do you support Anti Trumpoer/ Maga first agenda Mitch McConnell? Mitch is 78 years old he represents the past rino history and low energy hei s not the right person to be representing all the social legislation going through the senate! Why not support a new leader, younger with more energy like Senator Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley or Tom Cotton! McConnell is bad optics!!!

  6. Trevor

    Hagerty is shameless! He supported Mitch McConnell for gop leader! Mitch used Trump to hire his wife and Mitch Personally and financially benefitted! Hagerty promised to support the vote for the audit, Voter Integrity and he broke his promise to Tennesseans! Hagerty turned his back on Tennesseans to support the swamp in Washington! Wake up RINO you were elected because you were the Trump conservative! Why don’t we hear you publicly call for Mitch MCConnell to resign as leader as the GOP house members are doing with Liz Cheney? McConnell made unsupported allegations against President Trump inciting the riot! Where is the proof Hagerty and McConnell? Hagerty you are a one termer because you put Washington ahead of Tennesseans! I will not vote for you again! Very Disappointed

  7. Kevin

    “Under John Rader’s leadership, and with the senior team I have assembled, I am confident this talented group will work above and beyond to serve the needs of Tennesseans and our Nation,”

    Blah, blah, blah. Typical political rhetoric for keeping the swamp alive and well!

    Trump and Tennessee voters will not forget the knife in the back! Hagerty, one and done!

  8. mike

    John Rader the Chief of Staff, the most senior and influential staff member is a onetime aide to former Sen. Bob Corker and Gov. Bill Haslam. So you have that.