Nashville Officials Unveil New Strategies They Say Will Reduce Crime


Nashville Mayor John Cooper and Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake announced Monday they will restructure law enforcement resources to reduce the city’s violent crime rates.

And as a part of that restructuring, officials will intervene in young people’s lives before they repeat any violent behaviors, the two men said.

“As gun violence has increased nationwide it has also increased here in Nashville. In 2020 our community had 98 gun homicides. That is up from 62 a year ago. Non-fatal gunshot injuries were up 26 percent. We are doing better than most. Where other cities saw homicide increases of 40 percent or higher, our increase was under 30 percent, but that number is still too high,” Cooper said at a press conference Monday.

“Today the department is taking steps to reduce violent crime by deploying 80 officers to precincts across the county. The goal is to keep our neighborhoods safe by keeping officers on the street between 5 p.m. and 3:30 a.m., when most crimes occur.”

Drake said in a press release that each precinct’s enhanced shift will consist of nine officers and one supervisor.

“These officers will provide additional visibility in areas with emerging crime trends through a precision policing model, while also being available to assist regular evening and overnight officers with responding to citizens’ calls for service during the busiest times.  In addition, officers working the enhanced shift will concentrate on responding quickly and in numbers to shooting and robbery calls to immediately assist in identifying and apprehending suspects,” according to Drake’s press release.

“The move to the new shift is intended to complement other changes already in place to identify and apprehend those responsible for gun crimes in Nashville.”

Drake also announced that Metro officials have created the MNPD’s first-ever Office of Alternative Policing Strategies.  Commander David Imhof will head the new office, the press release said.

“Imhof will work with justice system stakeholders, including Juvenile Court, clergy, mental health professionals, advocacy groups and other community leaders, to refine ways to meaningfully intervene in the lives of young people and those in vulnerable populations whose illegal behavior is indicative of becoming more serious,” according to the press release.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Images “Police Chief John Drake” and “Nashville Mayor John Cooper” by Metro Nashville Network.






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8 Thoughts to “Nashville Officials Unveil New Strategies They Say Will Reduce Crime”

  1. Rick

    You cannot stop crime when you have a revolving door in the judiciary. The judges put them back on the streets faster than they can be arrested. I do not believe or trust a word that comes out of Commie Cooper’s mouth!

  2. 83ragtop50

    A surefire way to reduce the number of crimes is just to “reform” the criminal code to do away with many criminal acts. You know, “just boys being boys”. That is the way it has worked in the major failed cities such as Chicago, LA, San Francisco, NYC, etc. That is one of the most favored actions by the looney left. When will this happen in Nashville just to make the numbers look better while life is destroyed?

  3. Wolf Woman

    It is the perversion of the true nature of the human life, the decay of the family structure, a society that glorifies envy and materialism, a society that holds no common ethical/moral values and believes humans are God that fuels the individual’s proclivity to commit these crimes.

    By the time the police and social workers and psychologists get involved, the effort to stop the crimes and “rehabilitate” these young people is too overwhelming to make a lasting difference.

  4. Good luck versus the dangerous “right to crime” mentality that social-media, and the US news, has instilled within so much of our society, including Nashville, I noticed over the past months, in national news.

    For ten months, antif/bl… etc. etc., they have all been allowed to loot and burn cities (yes, allow IS the correct word!), and police stations all over the country, and nearly all of these riotlooters without any punishment. Well, almost a year of “that” has led to car-jacking’s being up 278%, in Chicago, Jan 2020 vs. Jan 2021. Murders, and all violent crimes, are up “at least” 30% in nearly all large cities (78% Seattle, 55% in Chicago, etc.), and almost everywhere across the country (don’t bother looking for those, “nearly”, and, “almost”, exceptions… they are NOT cities with Democrat leadership, like Nash, ~ So close! Dang.).

    The media has literally made NATIONAL LEVEL heroes of looters and arsonists, for over ten months, now. They created a monster. A fiery MobMonster that STILL loots and burns, today. Now it’s up to YOU to turn them off. And somehow (else be villainized and “defund the police” ‘d!!), without hurting anyone or making anyone cry, or potentially disturbing their thoughts in the future. Using only earth-friendly-low-decibel-confetti-poppers, tossing tofu-jello cubes, or gently swinging those floaty tubes from the pool… so as not to hurt anyone… for YOUR police defense AND all crowd control situations. Golly-gee, the media could make the police appear SO EVIL on fbook, twit, or tv. Wow, another “Floyd”, another city destroyed? ~ Good luck, guys!… oops, I used a wicked pronoun!… I truly within my consciousnesses and heart meant… Good luck individuals of possible Earth decent with any thoughts or any not-illegal outwards actions I have to accept, whatsoever, else be, “judged” online, financially, or legally, etc.; which I am not prepared for!

    PS: Be careful so as to not offend those people still very dangerously risking themselves, their families, an children’s lives. And their business and family lives, by STILL waving blue line flags! Seeing as how THAT half of the country is the villain, today, according to our new and righteously and honorably elected President as well as nearly all trust worthy national news, like CNN. Be careful to not EVER appear as an extension of THIS president’s… establishment. You lose the other half, and wow, you are on your own, in a very BAD way. Again, good luck, (Amen, and Awomen).

  5. Kevin

    Get ready for the full on Cooper brothers race to the Left! Now that they think that they have a “national mandate” due to the Biden election theft, they will open the entire Party of Slavery’s gun control playbook. Ban all “assault” rifles, ban all “high capacity” magazines. Ban all semi-automatic handguns.

    You’ve seen it all before, BUT, this time they are panicking and they mean it! They see the writing on the wall, that Americans are fed-up with over reaching government. They see that Trump was able to get 75+ million people to vote for him. They saw that a million plus people made the trek to DC at Trump’s behest. They are scared! And this time they will pull out all of the stops to “fundamentally change” America.

    Are you going to let them? Will our Republican “super majority” State government let them?

  6. Julie

    They are trying to get out ahead of the unvetted migrant horde of 10K+ people headed to our country. They want to be able to point to these efforts when people start to demand action when there is a surge in crime. Making these people legal voters is more important than your safety.

  7. M. Flatt

    I don’t suppose anyone has contemplated alternative activities for potential violent offenders?
    You know, something like LETTING PEOPLE GO BACK TO WORK OR SCHOOL?

  8. Sadly, if you are not removing democrats from the city’s political leadership roles, you will fail. While the humor lies in how often that political narrative is used, these days. Yet, every OTHER large American city is pure testament to my first sentence. If you negate my words purely due to disbelief… I challenge you to find one city, Nashville’s size, or larger (since Nashville plans to grow), that has crime rates you’d strive to emulate. Nashville’s problems are the effects from the nation’s long-term declining education-quality, inefficiency, financial waste, corruption, and willfully turning the blind eye to social problems that lead to more crime. PS: I, truly, wish you succeed. I am simply saddened that every other large American city has failed.