White House Reporters Say Biden Team Wanted Questions in Advance

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7 Thoughts to “White House Reporters Say Biden Team Wanted Questions in Advance”

  1. Ms Independent

    I cannot stand this press secretary! She comes across as a smart alec witch! Hard to even look at her much less listen to her! And yes, softball questions only are allowed. Keeping it real!!

  2. 83ragtop50

    Is there really a surprise in this? The Biden basement campaign essentially scripted what few softball question he was asked.

    Frankly, Ms Psaki appears to be way in over her head.

  3. Beatrice Shaw

    Jen is very bright and a beautiful young lady!! So nice to see her in her position.

    1. James H Swor

      I disagree on all three accounts…

  4. LM

    What do you expect from a president with dementia? Maybe his press secretary has dementia. Oh, wait , that’s what they do in Communist countries.

  5. Phil C.

    It’s only been a week but that hair makes it feel like four years already.

    1. James H Swor

      Ha ha ha! Couldn’t agree more…