Virginia GOP Candidates Start to Collect Endorsements


As the 2021 campaigns accelerate, Virginia’s GOP gubernatorial candidates have started to pick up some big name endorsements, including from two former governors for Delegate Kirk Cox and from influential grassroots organizer Martha Boneta for Pete Snyder.

“Pete is the trusted, proven conservative that we need to battle career politicians in Richmond that failed us when we needed them most. I want all Republicans to support Pete for governor,” Boneta said in her endorsement Thursday.

In addition to Boneta, Snyder’s endorsers include former state Senator Ralph Smith (R-Roanoke), conservative voice Tina Freitas, and former 10th District Republican Committee Chairwoman Jo Thoburn.

On Thursday, Cox announced endorsements from former Congressman Tom Davis (R-VA-11) and former state Senator Jeannemarie Davis (R-Fairfax.) They join a long list of Cox endorsements that includes many current and former delegates and some state senators. Notably, Cox has been endorsed by former Governor George Allen and former Governor Bob McDonnell.

“We need to be nominating proven, common-sense conservative candidates who have shown an ability to attract people to our side,” Allen said in his endorsement. “I think that it’s important to have candidates with passion and enthusiasm. We need candidates that understand how our ideas can improve schools and opportunities, make our state more competitive; candidates who know how to bring in jobs, and make our communities safer.”

This week Senator Amanda Chase (R-Chesterfield) sent out a campaign update to supporters by email on Thursday. “I’m the front-runner and they can’t stand it,” the subject line declared.

“Make no mistake,” she wrote. “The people NOT politicians will be supporting me in my race for Governor. I have focused on appealing to the people; not gathering endorsements from politicians; many of who are part of the problem.”

Chase told The Virginia Star that when people want to endorse her, she says, “Tell your supporters, tell your friends that you’re endorsing me. That’s all I need.”

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Eric Burk is a reporter at The Virginia Star and the Star News Digital Network.  Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Virginia Capitol” by Mike Fonseca CC2.0








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