Joe Biden Forces Out Donald Trump-Appointed U.S. Attorney in Memphis


U.S. President Joe Biden has requested the resignation of U.S. Attorney Michael Dunavant, who oversees the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Tennessee and who was appointed by former U.S. President Donald Trump.

U.S. Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Cherri Green told The Tennessee Star in an email Thursday that U.S. Attorneys “serve at the will and pleasure of the President.”

“Mr. Dunavant was informed on Tuesday, February 9 by the Acting Attorney General that the President requested his resignation, effective February 28,” Green said.

“Effective March 1, 2021, First Assistant United States Attorney Joe Murphy will succeed Mr. Dunavant as the Acting United States Attorney for the Western District of Tennessee pursuant to the Vacancies Reform Act. The Office priorities will continue as directed by the Attorney General.”

According to a press release, Dunavant led successful investigations and federal prosecutions of multiple criminal gang organizations. Those organizations include the following in west Tennessee:

• The Gangster Disciples

• Major Stackz Entertainment

• Stackz Squad

• Vice Lords

• Kitchen Crips

• Bloods

• Conservative Vice Lords/Concrete Cartel

• Peda Roll Mafia

• Fast Cash Boyz Entertainment

• Young Mob

• Grape Street Crips

• The Stendo Gang

The press release also said that Dunavant also aggressively prosecuted cases of, among other things, violent crime, child exploitation, immigration offenses, health care fraud, embezzlement, identity theft, public corruption, gang conspiracies and racketeering. Dunavant also prosecuted cases of unlawful firearms possession, according to the same press release.

Dunavant addressed his resignation on his Facebook page Wednesday.

“I am proud of the consequential work we have accomplished in the Trump administration, including achieving justice for victims, consequences for criminals, support for law enforcement, resources for communities, protection of the U.S. Treasury, better public safety results for citizens, and respect for the rule of law,” Dunavant said.

“I am also exceedingly proud to have worked alongside the brave and dedicated men and women of law enforcement as they have selflessly served and sacrificed to make our communities safer.”

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