Chattanooga Fires Library Activist Who Allegedly Burned Books Written by President Donald Trump, Ann Coulter


The City of Chattanooga reportedly fired a worker for allegedly burning books written by conservative authors, including President Donald Trump.

Officials said part-time library specialist Cameron Dequintez Williams took the books and burned them in December, WDEF reported last week. Williams led several protests last year in Chattanooga and was charged with blocking streets.

News Channel 9’s Josh Roe tweeted, “Update: Chattanooga Library fires worker who burned library books by conservative authors”.

Roe’s tweet linked to a News Channel 9 story that said Williams, a member of Black Lives Matter, allegedly admitted to burning the books, but said the books were going to be removed and he was told he could take them. His attorney planned to appeal.

Williams, known as “C-Grimey,” organized protests last year against the police, the Chattanooga Times Free Press reported. The burned books included Crippled America by Trump and Ann Coulter’s How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must). FDT, a Trump protest song performed by rappers YG and Nipsey Hussle, played while the books burned.

According to a story by The Chattanoogan, the Chattanooga Public Library’s statement said in part:

Library officials said, “The city of Chattanooga Human Resources Department completed its investigation of an allegation that books were removed from the Chattanooga Public Library’s Main Branch on Dec. 1, 2020.

“The city of Chattanooga has policies in place to protect the public’s interest, and we follow those directives,” said Library Executive Director Corinne Hill.

Williams allegedly broadcast the book burning on Facebook Live, according to the minutes of the library’s board of directors from Dec. 16, available here.

Hill told the board that the city’s HR department had completed its investigation. She also said she was working with the city’s HR and Legal Departments per city policy.

In 2014, the board allowed the library to move into the city’s oversight, so staffing issues are handled by Chattanooga.

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.
Photo “CGrimey” by Cameron Williams.




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5 Thoughts to “Chattanooga Fires Library Activist Who Allegedly Burned Books Written by President Donald Trump, Ann Coulter”

  1. EdC

    Obviously this loser felt it was ok to burn books. A closer look at city management is warranted.

  2. Jay

    A model citizen for sure. He should have been fired on the spot

  3. In 2014 I went to the Brainerd Library to do some genealogy research. We had found records of some Ancestors that were at the Brainerd Mission, and another Revolutionary War Patriot., before.
    All the shelves were bare except for some children’s books, coloring books etc.
    I asked the Libra3rian what happened to all the records and books, She said we got rid of them. I said what. She glanced down to the trash can and said we got rid of them! I repeated it and she glanced down to the trash can and said we got rid of them! I said unbelievable!
    Another Lady said “that was White Man;s history.” I got the Head Librarian’s phone number and name. They kinda encouraged to do something about it. I called the Mayor’s office and no response, I emailed and got no response, I think.. Tried to call the Head Librarian but no response Emailed and called channel 9 and not interested apparently. Emailed the Letters to the Editor of Chattanooga, Times Free Press. Letter not published and no return call I asked for, and no response to several of the editorial staff, I called and left messages with!
    The one comment by one lady at the Brainerd Library, was I don’t remember exactly was they were told all that information could be found on line! It cannot! and what of John Haywood’s original book, his first one( I don’t remember the title at the moment that the few copies in existence bring $25,000.00 and upward, I had read the first few chapters, there. It was on the history of Tennessee prior to the White Man.

  4. Steve Allen

    Next to PRESIDENT Trump, the thing feared (or should I say loathed) most by the Left is our Constitution. You can read what we say you can read!

  5. Ms Independent

    BLM – why am I not surprised? Throw him in jail! But, oh, wait, Kamala would get him out within 2 hours!!