Fired Star Wars Actress Gina Carano Slated to Travel to Nashville this Week for Talks with The Daily Wire


Fired Star Wars actress Gina Carano is scheduled to travel to Nashville this coming week to discuss her new film project with The Daily Wire.

As reported, Disney officials fired Carano late last week. Carano starred in Disney’s Star Wars-themed series The Mandalorian.

Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing discussed his and Carano’s new professional partnership with The Tennessee Star this week. He said projects such as these could pave the way for the film industry’s right-leaning actors, writers, and crew members to feel more free to discuss and share their political views.

“We saw what happened to Gina. We read Lucasfilm’s statement about her social media posts, and we thought that the whole situation was just disgusting. The language that Lucasfilm used in their statement was that she made comments on the basis of race and religion and ethnicity and that’s just nonsense. Any person of good conscience would read her statement and realize it was actually against singling out the other and turning on your neighbor,” Boreing said.

“We thought it’s high time someone did something about all of these unjust cancellations. We felt we were in a position on this one where we could take action. They can’t cancel us if we hire each other and provide opportunity for one another. Gina is a terrific actress. Let’s provide an opportunity for her. We reached out to her. She was game. She will be in Nashville this week with us, and we will very rapidly develop a script around her and get busy on her next feature film.”

Carano has frequently expressed conservative viewpoints on social media. Her most recent post compared the persecution of conservatives in America today to the oppression of Jews in Nazi Germany.

The Star asked Boreing if, one day, people in the film industry with right-of-center views can feel comfortable speaking out — without fear of persecution in an industry that leans heavily left?

“I hope that over time that that’s true. It will take a while before we have provided enough opportunity for people to realize that they don’t have to lose their livelihoods. I ran an organization in Los Angeles called Friends of Abe, which was the underground Hollywood community that you are talking about, with about 2,800 working Hollywood, writers, actors, celebrities and crew in that organization,” Boreing said.

“I literally heard hundreds of firsthand accounts of people working in the industry who faced incredible amounts of discrimination and dealing with an attitude on set that was chilling to free speech. It has always been a part of my vision since I first founded The Daily Wire to one day provide some alternative opportunity to people in that industry. Hopefully this is one more step in that direction.”

In an email to readers this week, Daily Wire officials said “cancel culture has been allowed to thrive because no one fights back.”

“Canceled celebrities and public figures bow to the mob, issue wallowing apologies, and still are sidelined and deplatformed. Until now. And until Gina. She has refused to cater to leftist mob mentality and ultimately she lost her role on The Mandalorian and got dropped by her talent agency because of it,” according to the email.

“That’s where we come in. The Daily Wire’s new entertainment division is the perfect spot for ousted Hollywood conservatives. We’re committed to providing quality entertainment for Americans who are fed up with the posturing and propaganda of Hollywood and working with talented artists that feel the same way.”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Nashville Skyline” by Jacknstock CC3.0 and “Gina Carano” by Ed Kisselback.






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