Conservative Radio Icon Rush Limbaugh Dies of Cancer

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6 Thoughts to “Conservative Radio Icon Rush Limbaugh Dies of Cancer”

  1. Ms Independent

    I am sad today. Listened to Rush everyday on my lunch hour. He loved this country and his listeners. A very generous and selfless patriot. He will be missed more than words can express.

  2. William Delzell

    May I add that although I never want anybody in the world to suffer as Rush did with his cancer, I DO have to add that he was very hypocritical on drug use. While he demanded penalties that unfairly singled out the poor and the non-white, he used all sorts of narcotics himself and got himself exempt from the penalties that he wanted to inflict on others who did the same thing. It’s one thing for Rush to poke fun at the Clintons (the Clintons were jerks anyway) and are old enough to take care of themselves, but when Limbaugh made fun of the handicapped and other less fortunate people, he crossed the line from decency to nastiness.

    1. Roger

      You need to check on what he did off air. I’d give you odds he did more for fighting addiction and helping the addicted because he experienced it, than you’ve done. He didn’t hate minorities like you hate him, he believed they needed to follow our immigration laws, I guess following the law is a novel idea to you. To you he was a horrible person, I guess you’re comparing him and his actions to all the great things you’ve accomplished for humanity. Really, no use in discussing this anymore because it is easy to see you’re a hero in your eyes, and no one can aspire to reach your exceptions. By the way, I never heard him make fun of the handicapped and other less fortunate people.

  3. L.P. Barnett

    Rush is singlehandedly responsible for opening this former democrat’s eyes. I will be forever grateful!

  4. Betty Lynn Duley

    His voice and passion will be greatly missed. God is raising up others, but there will never be another Rush Limbaugh. He fought the good fight and finished his race. He is well now and whole. He was an example to us all as he sought and endured treatment and never played the victim. I pray for Kathryn.

  5. william delzell

    I certainly would never wish even my worst enemy to die from something as terrible as throat cancer. Despite my many differences with Limbaugh, I would never want him to suffer from any health disease.