TechLife: CEO of SalesNexus Craig Klein Offers 50 Percent Off to New Customers Looking to Escape Salesforce CRM Censorship


Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed Founder and CEO of SalesNexus Craig Klein to the newsmakers line offering a 50 percent discount to businesses looking to escape their contract with Salesforce’s censorship oligopoly.

Leahy: We are joined on the newsmaker line by our good friend Craig Klein the president of Sales Nexus. Craig, welcome to The Tennessee Star Report.

Klein: Hey, Mike great to be here. Thanks for having me on.

Leahy: So yesterday (Chuckles) we were looking at the news and you sent me this little link. Our friends at Project Veritas, you know, the guys that do the undercover reporting that the sales force which is the Big Tech CRM company customer relationship management software company and the cloud. They plan to blacklist clients for political speech citing the capital riot. And you sent that to me and said my goodness, we need to tell people that there actually is an alternative if you’re blacklisted by these guys. Tell us about your company and tell us how you plan to respond to this.

Klein: Yeah, it’s just it never ceases to be mind-blowing. It just keeps on going and now Salesforce is getting in the censorship game. They shut down the RNC. They stopped their emails and they shut down Project Veritas. Personally, I started trying to get off all these Big Tech platforms myself. We were doing a lot of advertising on YouTube and we stopped that. And thank God we found The Tennessee Star. And you guys are doing a great job of helping us get the word out instead of spending money with YouTube. And I think that’s what we all have to start figuring out how to do in our own lives and our businesses.

Leahy: So if you’re a small business out there and you’re currently using a company that might drop you because you are politically incorrect and you use a customer relationship management or email marketing system and you think they want to possibly censor you can go to I think you wrote a commentary for us last night. You have a little different offer for customers. Tell us about that.

Klein: Yeah, so that’s the trouble, right? You depend on these vendors. We’ve all let ourselves get dependent on these vendors and they become monopolies and they think that they don’t have to answer to their customers anymore. Imagine, Salesforce is being paid by the RNC. And the Salesforce is saying well with thanks for your money, but we’re going to turn you off anyway.

Leahy: Salesforce told the RNC we’ll take your money, but we’re going to turn you off.

Klein: So the so now if you’re a business that wants to stop supporting that kind of behavior by paying your bills to these kinds of vendors it’s scary to look for alternatives and think about all the changes that your business might have to go through. The good news is if you’re out there and you’re using Salesforce and you want to get off of that platform That’s the company I started 18 years ago in competition with Salesforce.

We’ve been competing with those guys since way back when. You don’t know about because we’re not venture funded. We’ve never been trying to own the world like Salesforce. What we do is we build relationships with our customers and really get to know them and help them be successful. And that’s why our customers stay with us four times as long as customers stay with Salesforce. So we can make the transition really easy.

We know how to take all your Salesforce data and move it into our system and make sure your team’s not disrupted and your business is not disrupted. But right now because of what’s happened we decided to is that if you’re under a contract with Salesforce and you feel like you’re stuck because you have a contract with them will give you 50 percent off on the subscription fees on SalesNexus to make the transition easier. So 50 percent off until your Salesforce contract is over.

Leahy: So if you’re a business out there and you’re selling products and you have a sales team and a lot of them are using and they see the coming de-platforming that they’re talking about that was exposed in this Project Veritas video. And you see that and you say, ‘Oh my goodness what am I going to do? Do I need the headache of transitioning everything away and I’ve got this contract. What am I going to do?’ I think there are a lot of business guys out there, independent business guys who saw this news from Salesforce and said, I’m in a bad spot either way. It looks like you’re making it easier for them to transition.

Klein: Yeah, that’s the idea. I mean frankly, if you talk to most salespeople that use Salesforce they are going to tell you they don’t really love it anyway. That’s always been our thing at SalesNexus. We designed the tool for salespeople so the tool that salespeople actually use and enjoy using. So that part of the transition is going to be easy. And then our team knows how to take all your data and move it over so that you kind of can hit the ground running.

Leahy: Yeah, I think early on with Star News Digital Media our company, I think we did try to use Salesforce. and it was just a pain. (Chuckles) I mean, I don’t know.

Klein: They’ve been very successful. Nothing against them on that on that note. But what they’ve done is they’ve acquired all these other applications and bolted it all together. And now it’s kind of this Frankenstein thing that people can’t find their way around it.

. . .

Leahy: Craig, what I find interesting is you are an entrepreneur and you’re based in Houston. You’re not in Silicon Valley. I saw a report the other day that there are very few entrepreneurial companies in Silicon Valley anymore. Most people there work for these Big Tech giants that are in essence acting as an oligopoly. So really it’s Sales Nexus that is continuing the American entrepreneurial tradition more than these Big Tech guys.

Klein: We’ve never been venture funded. That’s a big difference. You can go to Silicon Valley and you can have some venture capital firm write you a $10 million check. That’s not really the same as starting your own business the way I did it and the way most of us have done it. It’s a whole different deal to bootstrap your business, which is what we’ve done. And that’s why we learned that we’re going to make more money over the long haul and not by acquiring zillions of customers but by making sure that the customers we do business with are happy.

They get what they need out of the system. And that we help them grow their business. That’s what really drives me. I believe that when a business grows the community that it exists in is a better place because everybody’s more prosperous. And I want to help businesses grow. That’s what we do at Sales Nexus.

Leahy: And for all of our listeners out there, we use – at the Star News Network The Tennessee Star and The Tennessee Star Report SalesNexus. And I’m telling you they’re fantastic in email list management and also in customer relationship management. They are much better than the Big Tech alternatives and they won’t try and shut you down!

Klein: That’s right.

Leahy: Can you believe, Craig, that we’re talking about this?

Klein: It’s shocking. It keeps happening. And some new vendor Mailchimp shut some people down the other day. WordPress shut some people down the other day. Some new vendor gets in the game it seems like every day and every time it’s shocking. It’s just amazing that they could justify that kind of suppression of speech is what it is.

Leahy: Craig Klein, the CEO and Founder of SalesNexus and on the web at Come back again and tell us the progress that you’ve had making this great offer to people who want to get away from the Big Tech oligopoly.

Klein: Thanks for having me on, Mike.

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