Ohio Representative Introduces Legislation to Curb Executive Orders, Health Mandates


Ohio State Representative Larry Householder (R-2-Glenford) introduced two bills on Thursday that would allow the state and individual counties to overturn executive and health order.

The first bill introduced would allow a board of county commissioners to terminate or modify countywide orders issued by a county board of health. The order could be modified through a resolution created by the board.

“Unelected boards need to be held accountable by elected officials, such as our county commissioners who are chosen by the people they serve, to make decisions,” Householder said in a statement on Thursday. “This bill adds a well-deserved balance between the people and the unelected board, something our state so desperately needs during these times we’ve been facing.”

Householder also introduced a resolution that would allow the Ohio General Assembly to modify or terminate any executive order with a majority vote from both the House and the Senate.

The resolution would be placed as a question on the state’s 2022 primary election ballot and would be veto-proof from Gov. Mike Dewine.

“This resolution would exemplify a true checks and balances system in Ohio government, something we haven’t seen in a very long time,” said Householder. “It also ensures a commonsense approach to legislative oversight over actions of the overly-powerful executive branch.”

Both bills are currently waiting to be referred to a committee.

The bills follow similar legislation in the legislature, such as Senate Bill 22, which us aimed at limiting the length which an emergency order can be in place. SB 22 was passed by the Senate and is now in the Ohio House of Representatives.

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Jordyn Pair is a reporter with The Ohio Star. Follow her on Twitter at @JordynPair.











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