Dreaded QAnon March 4 Uprising Fails to Materialize in the Capitol

by Debra Heine


A right-wing plot to storm the Capitol and remove lawmakers did not materialize on Thursday, after the FBI, DHS, and Capitol Police issued bulletins warning that they had intelligence identifying “credible threats” to that effect.

U.S. intelligence analysts apparently came to this conclusion after perusing QAnon message boards, where true-believers theorized that former president Trump would retake office on March 4, the country’s original Inauguration Day.

In dozens of reports, the corporate media hyped the “potential threat” of a QAnon uprising in our nation’s Capitol.

In response, the House of Representatives suspended its Thursday session and Capitol Police and National Guard troops went on “high alert.”

The Senate  bravely convened on March 4, amid the “credible threat” that a QAnon mob could potentially attack lawmakers.

Journalists covered the Capitol on Thursday like reporters embedded in a foreign war zone.

“As of mid-day Thursday, security remained visibly tight but there was no indication that any attack would happen,” ABC News couldn’t help but notice.

The Washington Post finally admitted Thursday afternoon that the threat of militant Trump supporters storming the Capitol appeared to be “a mirage.”

Samantha Broaddus, 34, had heard vague references about a QAnon threat, but she didn’t think much of it before arriving on the Hill for a dentist appointment and finding what looked like a fortress.

“It’s more sad than nerve-wracking,” she said, strolling down the street with her 9-month-old daughter. “D.C. used to feel so accessible to everyone who wanted. Now it’s starting to feel like another country.”

“It doesn’t make sense anymore,” said John Kabre,  an events coordinator outside of 101 Constitution. “I think people are overreacting.”

“There was never a threat to the Capitol,” tweeted investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel, going on to explain the real reason for the security theater in D.C.

“I tracked the ‘intel bulletins’ when they attempted this stunt the 1st time. Fake intel justifies the military occupation, which justifies the narrative, which justifies the canceling of your rights, which justifies labeling you the enemy.”

According to new reports, two upcoming dates could potentially inspire “right-wing extremists” to to storm the Capitol again:  March 20, when the Republican party was founded, and April 15,  federal income tax day.

Capitol Police have now asked for the National Guard’s “mission” to be extended by two more months. About 5,200 guardsmen remain on duty in Washington, costing U.S. taxpayers $2 million per week.

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Debra Heine reports for American Greatness.







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5 Thoughts to “Dreaded QAnon March 4 Uprising Fails to Materialize in the Capitol”

  1. Chris

    Damn, I knew I missed something this week

    My secretary needs to do a better job diarying these engagements.

  2. David Longfellow

    The US “intelligence” agencies are enthrall to the democrat party and lie at their behest. Nothing that comes out of the mouths of the FBI or DOJ can be trusted. Meanwhile they provide cover for islamic, BLM, leftist and Antifa terrorism.
    This article just describes another of their lies. Despicable.

  3. gordon

    it was all B.S. more reason to parade troops around to protect their selected/installed regime.

  4. AWM

    Another lie by the “donkeys” to cover the previous lies. What a wonderful government we have in place now. (sarcasm)

  5. Steve Allen

    I’m sure the donks started that rumor themselves. They are without a doubt the most lying, cheating, dishonest group of individuals in the history of our Nation. If you are a Democrat and are reading this, how can you even live with yourself?
    I will make a prediction, there will be a “false flag” event that they themselves will create that will conveniently fit their narrative of stripping us law abiding Americans of our rights, and the you know what will hit the fan.