Steve Glover Says State Officials Might Have to Reopen Nashville If Metro Officials Will Not


Metro Nashville At-Large Council Member Steve Glover said he believes Metro Nashville officials will continue to restrain business owners because of COVID-19.

This, as opposed to allowing businesses to open back up, which Glover said would help soothe the city’s economy.

Glover also said that officials at the state level could, if they so choose, intervene.

“Let’s put it this way. I think as long as the liberal side of people can keep the city closed and keep the country closed, keep us under their domain, I believe they will try it as long as they can. At some point the state has to say enough is enough,” Glover told The Tennessee Star this week.

“If the state doesn’t stop this right now…we don’t need the thing [COVID-19 restrictions] to be extended again. We do not need to let this [Metro Nashville] Health Department and this Mayor [John Cooper] continue to have the power that they have had because they are continuing to run business [away] to all the counties around us. They are hurting their economy locally, but they are helping the holy heck out of every county that touches us.”

Officials with the Metro Nashville Health Department did not return a request for comment before Friday’s stated deadline.

For 12 months this week, Glover said Nashville’s economy has taken a non-stop pummeling.

“One year ago we had a terrible tornado. That literally devastated us for a period of time. Everybody rolled their sleeves up, came together, went out, and started cleaning up. It hit close to where I live in Hermitage. We worked together as Nashvillians, and we did a great job. Then a few weeks later — BAM — here we come with this pandemic,” Glover said.

“And then, two weeks to the day after the tornado, we get straight line winds through Nashville. That is when our economy started getting bruised, and it has done nothing but get beat up greater and greater, almost continually. Certainly with a certain segment of businesses in the downtown area and around Nashville they continue to be beat up because of the limitations on them being able to operate at 100 percent.”

Glover is also none-too-pleased with Metro Officials for raising property taxes 34 to 37 percent last year.

As The Star reported this week, by a vote of 30 to seven, Metro Nashville Council members passed a nearly $500 million Capital Spending Plan.

Glover compared Metro Nashville officials and their spending habits to those of an undisciplined child.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]







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7 Thoughts to “Steve Glover Says State Officials Might Have to Reopen Nashville If Metro Officials Will Not”

  1. Jay

    There is no leadership

  2. Cannoneer2

    We are going to force things to open. We are going to force people to go places and do things with other people. We are also not holding anyone accountable if people get sick. If the Legislature, for example, forces opening, the Legislature needs to be held accountable for what happens.

  3. David Blackwell RN, BSN

    The Covidcrats are no different than the National Socialist /NAZIs

  4. LM

    Steve is 100% correct. If the people don’t take back Nashville , and stop the mask wearing , social distancing , business closing BS (none of which should have been tolerated to begin with) Nashville is doomed.

  5. rick

    Cooper and Lee both need to go! .

  6. Mary

    Lee doesn’t have the balls.