Billboards Promoting Candace Owens’ New Show Debut Around Nashville Friday


Staff members at The Daily Wire website are scheduled to unveil 11 billboards around Nashville promoting Candace Owens’ new show entitled Candace.

This, according to staff at The Daily Wire.

Daily Wire staff are scheduled to unveil the billboards along Interstate 24, Interstate 40, Interstate 65, West End Avenue, and Nashville’s Broadway thoroughfare.

Staff members are scheduled to unveil another billboard, at 12th Avenue at Demonbreun Street, on Monday.

Candace is scheduled to debut March 19. Owens will tape her show in front of a live studio audience in Nashville.

Nashville is the conservative media company’s new home after leaving Los Angeles.

“Conservatives want to feel heard in the culture,” Owens said in a press release.

Candace is going to be funny, it’s going to be light-hearted, but most importantly it’s going to be hopeful. I am intimately involved in the production of the show, and I am incredibly excited to bring it to audiences.”

People who want to watch the new show, available each Friday, can do so only through a paid membership at The Daily Wire, according to the press release.

“Working with The Daily Wire to me felt like it was the right move for a lot of reasons,” Owens says in a trailer for the show.

“But I think the biggest one is that seeing conservative voices being kicked out of culture, you’re not allowed to be funny, you’re not allowed to be likable in the media if you are a conservative, something so simple, and it wasn’t like this 10 years ago.”

The press release said Candace will feature “inspiring stories about Americans from all walks of life.”

The program’s format will consist of an opening monologue by Owens, an interview with a special guest, and a panel discussion, the press release said.

“This show is going to be funny. This show is going to be uplifting. This show is going to be political. Without question, this show is going to be all of the pieces of me,” Owens said in the promo.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]







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3 Thoughts to “Billboards Promoting Candace Owens’ New Show Debut Around Nashville Friday”

  1. Claire Thomas

    So proud that such a strong coolly outspoken lady like Candace moved here from L.A. She’s comfortable as a proud conservative woman with no lose love for radical feminists. If i’m lucky
    I’ll catch her at a live Nashville filming on The Daily Wire, or one of the weekly Friday taped sessions. Looking forward to learning and being educated from her happy but pointed up-front conversations on her Friday shows on The Wire!

  2. Donna W.

    I love Candace Owens and her common sense! I would love to see this show, unfortunately, I have to keep a close eye my budget for awhile. 😪

  3. Ms Independent

    She is awesome!!