Verified: Remainder of Community Oversight Board Are Registered Voters in Accordance with Law


The remainder of Nashville’s Community Oversight Board (COB) are registered voters in Davidson County. The Tennessee Secretary of State’s office confirmed this information with The Tennessee Star.

The Star inquired initially after discovering that a recently-resigned member of the COB, Ovid Timothy Hughes, isn’t a registered voter. Hughes was convicted of a felony in 2008 – mail fraud committed against a previous employer. Not only did Hughes not disclose this information, he stated falsely before the Metro Nashville City Council that he was a registered voter.

Additionally, The Star hasn’t been able to confirm that Hughes’ father and grandfathers were members of law enforcement as he’d claimed. According to Hughes, both of his grandfathers were also sheriff’s deputies.

Hughes has yet to respond to an inquiry from The Star. However, he is still posting actively on his public Facebook page.

The Star has also not received any responses from the organizations with which Hughes identified himself with: Gideon’s Army and Black Voters Matter.

Leadership for the COB has been silent as well, for the most part. COB Executive Director Jill Fitcheard hasn’t responded to inquiries from The Star regarding Hughes’ admission to the COB, or with verification of her own service as a police officer with the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, D.C. (MPDC).

The Star has yet to receive a response on open records requests concerning Fitcheard submitted to the Metro Nashville government and the MPDC.

One leader associated with the COB has been more forthcoming. Vice Mayor Jim Shulman promised The Star that they would be reviewing the verification process for applicants concerning their voter status. He didn’t promise that any vetting beyond that would take place, however.

Hughes resigned on February 23 from the COB, according to an emailed resignation letter obtained by The Star. The letter didn’t explain why Hughes resigned. One week later, Shulman posted notice of the vacancy. From those that The Star spoke with, including Fitcheard and Shulman, nobody reportedly knew the reason for Hughes’ resignation.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Nashville City Hall” by Nicolas Henderson. CC BY 2.0.





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2 Thoughts to “Verified: Remainder of Community Oversight Board Are Registered Voters in Accordance with Law”

  1. LB

    How to you apply for that position on the board? What are the requirements to be on the board? What is that board responsible to do? Is it half R’s and half D’s? Who gives this board recognition or authority? Now that we know this board exists now what? The people of our state should be asking questions. We the People have to take back our government!

  2. Joey Verge

    Ah…good ol’ Jill. She knows it would take a quick phone call or an email to put this to rest. She’s a sneaky one so be careful. The silent treatment is her weapon.