Governor Lee Films Video of Maskless Visit to Downtown Nashville, Where Mask Mandate Still in Effect


A maskless Governor Bill Lee visited downtown Nashville to encourage tourism and support the local businesses. Lee didn’t acknowledge the Metro government’s ongoing mask mandate, which has been in effect since last June.

“Hey everybody, Governor Bill Lee here down on Broadway in downtown Nashville,” said Lee. “I’m glad that you are here for the SCC tournament or whether you’re a spring breaker just about to be here, or someone looking for a place to come this summer – Tennessee is open for business! I’m about to go down to some of my favorite businesses, get me a pair of boots, might get me something to eat. I hope that you will come down and get you some boots and you something to eat in downtown Nashville soon!”

The pictures showed Lee visiting several businesses: Big Time Boots and Robert’s Western World.

As of press time, Nashville Mayor John Cooper hasn’t acknowledged Lee’s video. Violators of the mask mandate may be punished with a Class C misdemeanor, or up to 30 days imprisonment and/or up to a $50 fine, according to the mandate.

In response to criticism, Lee’s spokesperson Casey Black issued a statement that he’d respected any established policies.

“The governor took an afternoon walk downtown to highlight the small businesses that make Nashville a great host for events and tourists alike,” read the statement. “Established policies were respected.”

The day before, Lee asserted that Tennessee’s openness has allowed it to thrive as a go-to destination for tourists.

“There’s a reason why Tennessee is home to the #1 tourist destination in the U.S.: We’re open for business!” wrote Lee.

At the end of last month, Lee extended local governments’ authority to establish mask mandates until April 28. The accompanying orders also extended the limited state of emergency until the end of April as well.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].






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7 Thoughts to “Governor Lee Films Video of Maskless Visit to Downtown Nashville, Where Mask Mandate Still in Effect”

  1. Cannoneer2

    Aw, shucks, he’s just trying to make the Chamber happy..

  2. 83ragtop50

    If Mr. Lee was a real leader he would unilaterally eliminate ALL mask and other restrictive mandates throughout the state. If he does not have a clue how to lead in such a manner he could contact the governors of Texas and Florida for assistance. My snake oil salesman of a “mayor” has extended the mandate until the end of April “after consulting with medial experts”. I guess maybe he is referring to the ultra -accurate Dr. Fauci. Thankfully I have not been stopped by the mask police.

  3. LM

    HUGE disconnection here. Governor Lee , either you should override the mindless mask mandates of your leftist mayors , or you should get a misdemeanor.

  4. Rene Oberer

    It’s time for Gov Lee to put an end to these unconstitutional mandates. It’s time for our local government to start protecting those rights. Our liberty and God given rights do not end with a pandemic.

  5. rick

    Commie Cooper (AKA Laughing Boy) he will hunt you down and give you a citation, aren’t you scared of the little twerp. What a joke. This BS is done and so are Lee and Cooper, it’s been over for corrupt Cooper for a while, he operates as a functioning commie currently and Lee has just done himself in for good, loser! Ridiculous!

  6. CMinTN

    Time to end all the mandates and emergency orders. Until then, we are not a free people.

  7. David Scott Blackwell RN, BSN

    Mask do not work. They never have. It is coercion 101. Google Ontario’s Nurses Association Win.

    The entire BS started st HCA where they were getting bonus checks from Uncle Sam to get the staff vaccinated with the Flu shot. Fascism 101.

    ONA Wins Second Decision on “Unreasonable and Illogical” Vaccinate or Mask Influenza Policies

    Pretty soon the suits will have to get in there and see their own patients.