Convicted Felon in West Tennessee Sentenced to Seven Years in Federal Prison for Firearm Possession


Officials with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Tennessee have sentenced an already convicted felon to 88 months in prison for possessing a firearm.

Acting U.S. Attorney Joseph C. Murphy Jr. identified the man as Orlando Mays, 41.

This, according to a press release that Murphy published this week.

In October 2019, officers with the Brownsville Police Department and the 28th Judicial West Tennessee Drug Task Force executed a search warrant at Mays’ residence. There, they recovered the following:

• A Smith & Wesson, model M&P Shield, .40 caliber

• An American Tactical 5.56/.223 caliber AR-style pistol with a large capacity drum and additional ammunition

• A Glock Model 22 firearm with an extended magazine

• Two digital scales with marijuana residue

• A Food Saver Vacuum Sealer with bags, sandwich bags, oven bags, a money counter, and more than $20,000 in currency

“Also found in Mays’ wallet were his U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Identification Card and Tennessee Identification Card. A search of vehicles belonging to Mays yielded a FN Five Seven, model 5.7×28 caliber firearm. The defendant pled guilty to possessing the Smith & Wesson, model M&P Shield,” according to a press release.

“Mays is a convicted felon having previously been convicted of Use of a Facility in Interstate Commerce in the Commission of Murder-For-Hire in which he was hired by the leader of a drug trafficking organization to murder two individuals. As a result of his felony convictions, Mays is prohibited by federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition.”

This month U.S. District Court Judge J. Daniel Breen sentenced Mays to 64 months for the firearm offense, and 24 months for violating the terms of his supervised release. He will also serve three years of supervised release. There is no parole in the federal system, the press release said.

John Carter, Director of the West Tennessee Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force, said in the press release that Mays is an “enforcer for the largest drug trafficking organization ever in the state of Tennessee.”

“He was on supervised release from federal prison, living outside of his ordered requirements and trying to hide in small town Tennessee to conduct his criminal enterprise,” Carter said.

“However, small town Tennessee utilizes big town law enforcement who came together to put Mays back where he belongs, federal prison. I commend my Agents and all of those who participated on a job well done,” said John Carter, Director of the West TN Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force.”

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3 Thoughts to “Convicted Felon in West Tennessee Sentenced to Seven Years in Federal Prison for Firearm Possession”

  1. Tim Price

    I agree with the previous two commenters, IT IS A MIRACLE that a gun law was enforced rather than being plea bargained away.

    Sadly, this would never happened in Nashville or Memphis!

  2. 83ragtop50

    Gosh, this federal gun law actually enforced. What a miracle!

    1. Ron Welch

      Yeah, whatta concept. Enforce current laws against criminals, instead of the Biden-Democratic current legislation to criminalize tens of millions of law abiding gunowners for firearms they currently legally own in violation of the Bill of Rights.

      BTW, SCOTUS has already ruled against such legislative tyranny in the 1966 “Miranda”decision:

      “Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them.” ― Miranda v. Arizona (384US436)