Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan Wants Moderation, Tells Georgia Republicans that Donald Trump is Not a Real Leader


Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan (R-Cumming) told a nationally-televised audience Sunday that his fellow Republicans should move past former U.S. President Donald Trump and forget passing certain election reform bills.

Duncan said this on NBC’s Meet the Press.

“We passed four election reform bills two weeks ago in the senate. As you mentioned a second ago, there is a lot of solutions in search of a problem. Republicans don’t need election reform to win. We need leadership,” Duncan said.

“Millions of Republicans are waking up realizing Donald Trump’s tone and strategy is un-winnable in forward-looking elections. We need real leadership and new focus, GOP 2.0, and includes moderate in the middle to get us to the next election.”

Duncan went on to say that what he called “misinformation” about the November 2020 elections hurts the GOP.

“January 6 was a pivot point for this country and party. We got four years to win back the White House. We are not going to do it with a divisive tone,” Duncan said.

“We are not going to do it, missing or solving big problems for real people.”

As The Georgia Star News reported in January, Duncan said he wanted legislators to discuss “serious, meaningful election reform” during the current legislative session, and he suggested state officials require a photo ID if people vote absentee.

Duncan, during a press conference at the Georgia State Capital in Atlanta that month, also pitched the idea of a statewide grand jury to monitor possible election fraud.

“Certainly over the last several months we have had a vigorous debate, one that I feel like challenged some initial progress to election reform because of the amount of misinformation and the amount of conspiracy theories that, quite honestly, were not true, unfounded, and debunked in a matter of seconds most times. But like every election cycle, I believe there is an opportunity to take some lessons learned and look for opportunities to make our elections even better,” Duncan said.

“We are going to take the next 40 legislative days to really examine opportunities to do that as we move forward. I think there are opportunities to not even have to think outside the box but modernize.”

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7 Thoughts to “Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan Wants Moderation, Tells Georgia Republicans that Donald Trump is Not a Real Leader”

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  2. Benjamin Taibi

    Leadership when you do not ignore voter fraud like this RINO is doing

  3. Karen Bracken

    I guess that all depends on your definition of a LEADER. To the elected elites leader means anyone that can lie, bribe, intimidate, threaten with an open hand to take the donations to do the evil people’s bidding. A good decent man, a bit rough around the edges like most of us, trying to do what was right for America is surely not their idea of leader. They fear real leader. Trump was a statesman. While the rest of them are politicians and politicians are not leaders in my definition of the term. Politicians are out for themselves and to hold on to their power they will do ANYTHING. Georgia is rated the #1 most corrupt state in America for good reasons.

  4. 83ragtop50

    Oh how Georgia has devolved into a RINO hotbed. Anyone else think the change might have been related to the migration of blue state liberals to the South?.

  5. LM

    RINOs like Duncan are the ones hurting the Republican party. He is trying , like so many of them , to label the stolen election as a conspiracy theory , and misinformation “debunked in seconds” . Mr. Duncan , the Dems and RINOs like you are the conspirators. The truth does not care what you try to make it. The election was stolen. Donald Trump was one of the best presidents this country has ever had. Remember , sir , you are calling 72 million people in the U.S. conspiracy theorists.

    1. CMinTN

      A lot of these RINOs depend on those Dominion machines too. That’s how we keep getting stuck with quite a few of them I’m sure. Why else would they keep trying to label the fraud as a conspiracy.

  6. Tim Price

    More of a leader than you are halfwit!