Mayor John Cooper Organizes Concert, Cheerleaders for Mass Vaccination Event at Nissan Stadium


The 10,000 individuals who signed up for the mass vaccination event at the Nissan Stadium will be greeted with fanfare: live music, cheerleaders, and mascots to boot. Nashville Mayor John Cooper issued this announcement in a press release on Thursday, several days ahead of the mass vaccination event on Sunday. The release noted that the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corporation (CVC) and the Tennessee Titans would assist in putting on the “live musical performance.”

The Tennessee Star inquired with the mayor’s office about the cost of this celebratory aspect to the mass vaccination event. Cooper’s spokesperson didn’t respond by press time.

The vaccination event will feature music from the band The Revelries, and artists Les Kerr, Molly Tuttle, and Damien Horne. The Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders and mascots T-Rac, Gnash, Booster, and Tempo the Coyote will also be present.

Metro government’s inclusion of live music at a massive COVID-19 vaccination event appears to be a subtle acknowledgment of a return to normal in Music City. Following the initial shutdowns, live music in the area stalled and sputtered throughout the year.

Constraints on social gatherings and bar closings impacted the ability of musicians to play and business owners to afford to pay them. The loss of revenue from Music Row is estimated around $4.5 billion, according to Nashville CVC CEO Butch Spyridon.

Despite this, Cooper expressed optimism in the event press release.

“After the most difficult year in our history, vaccines are helping us turn the corner on the pandemic,” stated Cooper. “Nashville is famous for having world-class live music nearly everywhere you turn. I’m grateful to these artists and all our partners for adding a touch of Music City to our March 20 vaccination event. The line to get immunized at Nissan Stadium will be the best line that anyone has waited in.”

Last week, Cooper shared that increased percentages of the population receiving the vaccines would be accompanied with loosening restrictions, such as indoor gatherings and curfews. There were no mentions of relenting on the mask mandate.

Those registered for the Nissan Stadium vaccination event are residents 65 and older or those eligible under Phase 1C.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter or email tips to [email protected].






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2 Thoughts to “Mayor John Cooper Organizes Concert, Cheerleaders for Mass Vaccination Event at Nissan Stadium”

  1. Steve Allen

    Show me the biscuit. Will the next attempt be bribing people with money? After all that’s what the donks do best. We are at the point that there is an excess supply of vaccines because there are too many people who think for themselves. These vaccines are experimental drugs, and you cannot hold the manufacturers legally liable for “unintended consequences”. But not to worry, there is no shortage of liberal sheeple in Nashville.

    1. TJ

      The sheep, sadly on both sides, are now upgrading their tickets to get on the box cars and take a Auschwitz shower. A free thinking discerning mind is the greatest weapon one can have these days.