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4 Thoughts to “New Emails Heighten Mystery Around Presidential Vote Count in Georgia’s Largest County”

  1. Deplorable Bay Stater

    Regina Waller deserves to be drawn and quartered! And any of her superiors who share responsibility for her actions deserve the same punishment.

  2. The Democrats the “Change” criminals, George Soros and other anti White people, anti American, anti Western christian Civilization Traitors and criminals spent billions on the theft of the election and protecting the theft. All those poll workers and officials, Big Tech and the media and deep pockets that financed the Conquest of America must be pursued and brought to account for their felonies. near impossible when the architect and beneficiary criminals now are ruling America. The States the States where Honorable Citizens/Patriots, Conservatives won office must pursue teem as well as every citizen with resources and or time..

  3. Karen

    oh gee…imagine if someone had been paying attention on election night! We wouldn’t be having our border invaded, we wouldn’t be funding terrorism and the wall would be finished. I could go on and on and it’s only 3 months into this usurped government! It’s almost as if it was all planned!