Pfizer: Israeli Data Finds Vaccine Prevents 94 Percent of Asymptomatic Infections

by Andrew Trunsky


Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine was over 94% effective in preventing asymptomatic cases of COVID-19, according to real-world Israeli data released late Thursday.

The latest analysis suggests that Pfizer’s vaccine could overwhelmingly halt asymptomatic spread — a main driver of infections since asymptomatic people are often unaware they have the virus. The data also showed that the vaccine was 97% effective in preventing symptomatic cases, hospitalizations and deaths, slightly higher than the 95% effectiveness found in its clinical trials.

Israel has fully vaccinated 44% of its population — one of the highest rates in the world — giving further proof that vaccines can effectively halt the spread of the coronavirus.

Unvaccinated people, however, were 44 times more likely to develop a symptomatic coronavirus case and 29 times more likely to die from the virus, the data showed, though it has not yet undergone a peer review.

The analysis was also tested overwhelmingly against the coronavirus variant from the U.K., which experts have said could be more transmissible and lethal than the original strain.

Vaccinations have picked up in the United States as well. The country officially hit 100,000,000 doses administered Friday, with some states expanding eligibility to all residents 16 and older.

Coronavirus cases and deaths have fallen nationwide as well. The U.S. recorded just under 61,000 new cases and 1,558 new deaths Thursday, according to Johns Hopkins University, down 13% and 28% from two weeks ago, respectively.

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3 Thoughts to “Pfizer: Israeli Data Finds Vaccine Prevents 94 Percent of Asymptomatic Infections”

  1. Wolf Woman

    The Israeli government has been accused of violating the Nuremberg Code against non-voluntary participation in medical experiments (scroll down to the end of the article).

    Israel, of all countries in the world, should be aware of the history of medical experiments on humans in Nazi Germany. If you’re not familiar with this horror, read about it and the Nuremberg Code:

    Governments and companies have no right in mandating that we have to take these mRNA injections in order to travel, conduct business or whatever our global totalitarian over-lords decide to tell us to do – which is always beneficial to them.

  2. Wolf Woman

    This is an experimental mRNA gene therapy and, according to true scientific methods, should be tested for years before huge populations receive it to see what the long-term side effects could be. Some immediate problems have been fatal.

    We have stopped our world’s production, we have changed our lifestyles, we have stopped our religious gatherings and our social relationships for a virus that has a 99.8% survival rate for people in decent health. Meanwhile, more personally, my grandson in Illinois can’t be with his friends, has to wear a useless mask to go anywhere and instead of attending school has to sit in front of a computer screen for a huge part of the day. Starting this week will see a psychotherapist for his depression.

    Read and research. Check out the Great Barrington Declaration. There are many other opinions out there that do not agree with Moderna (Bill Gates) and Pfizer and other Big Pharma who write PR touting their own products. I am truly appalled that the Tennessee Star promotes this PR.

    I could go on and on for there is no end of suffering that this hoax has brought. Our oligarchic overlords with the help of the MSM and corrupt politicians have successfully cowered us and revealed the sad depth of our sheep-like natures. Those who are making money off this travesty on humanity are truly evil.

    1. JG2284

      “Liked” your posts Wolf Woman. You are not alone. I recently moved from TN to Texas as part of a job transfer. The region I live in North Texas outside Dallas is greatly brain washed in this plandemic. The Governor may have lifted the mask requirements but every store you go to still leaves up that masks are required and the “sheeple ” still go along with it. I have yet to walk in to a store that tries to enforce it but maybe just lucky or not. If they try to I walk our anyway. Stick to your Guns wolf woman. Go to contact him and get you a mask exemption card and the vaccine exempt card. They reference the ADA and Nuremberg codes in reference to mandating masks and vaccines.